Doll Clothes

On this page you will find photos of the doll clothing that I've created.  The outfit on the left below was my very first paid order!  The outfit on the right was a gift for my niece.

 The outfit on the left was for my cousin's daughter and the outfit on my right was for my niece.
I don't remember what I did with all the Dutch outfits.  Maybe gifts for my nieces?

The rest of these outfits were all made as samples for a fabric store I worked in. 

From here on, these are all outfits I've made for my Etsy store, unless otherwise noted.

 The next five outfits were all custom orders.

The grey outfit below was a custom order.  The blue and yellow skirt outfit was one I recreated to look like a photo in a catalog I had. 


The plaid shirt and jeans outfit was a custom that was to look like Amy Pond on Dr. Who.

 These two dresses were recreations of Enchanted outfits.

This purple shirt is from my Dolman pattern.

The zig zag dress is from my Flounce Dress pattern.

This blue tank is from my Racer Back Tank pattern.

The black shirt above and the two photos below are all versions of my Cold Shoulders Shirt pattern.

The purple dress above the and the first dress below are from my Flounce Dress pattern. 
 The red and black outfit was a custom recreation of an outfit Elijah Woods' sister wore.

The owl outfit on the left was a custom order.  The spa outfit was a gift for my daughter's friend.


 The white shirt was a custom order.

 The next five are all variations from my open back shirt pattern.

The next six baby outfits are all made from my Mix and Match Baby Tee shirt and Baby Pants patterns.

 The gray shrug was a custom order.  The next five baby dresses are all from my Special Occasion Dress pattern.

 The orange and gray shirt on the right is from my Dolman pattern.

The My Friend outfits (on the red headed doll) were made for my youngest niece.
The ruffle shirts and skirts are from one of my patterns.

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