How to Make an American Girl Doll Spa Day Gift

Last month my daughter's friend had a spa-themed birthday party.  For her gift I created some spa-themed clothes and accessories for her American Girl doll.

I made her some pajamas using instructions available from Liberty Jane.

Next, I made a towel and headband using these instructions, which I modified slightly to get the looks I wanted.  I used a white hand towel for fabric and lined it with white knit.

I cut up a teal washcloth and remade it into a small towel and washcloth for the doll.  It looked sort of cute when I was done, but I don't know that I'd attempt it again, or at least not the way I did it.  It would need major modifications.  

I used a printable from Doll Diaries to make cucumber slices for the eyes.  I printed it out twice, cut out all the cucumbers, stuck clear contact paper on the fronts, then used my Xyron sticker maker to make the backs sticky, and finally stuck them to pieces of felt so that they were thicker.  I would have tried craft foam instead of the felt, but I didn't have any green while I was working on this.  I also cut out the spa menu from the printable and put clear contact paper on that as well.  Finally, I cut out the eye mask shape from the printable and used it to create a reversible eye mask from fabric.  I used part of the white hand towel for one side and a lavender satin for the back.

Finally, I found a tiny bottle of nail polish at Wal-Mart and I made a nail file to finish it off.

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