New American Girl Science Set and more!

After waiting so long to actually gain admittance into the AG Place, we went on a mini shopping spree.  We bought the new science set, the new backpack set, the hair braid, the hair bun, souvenir shirt, mini doll carrier, Saige's dog, Julie's bunny, and some of Addy's items.  It seems like Addy's items just keep going away quietly, so I wanted to get some while I could.  I really wanted to get Addy's doll Ida Bean, but couldn't find it in the store.  I finally asked an employee, who didn't know what I was talking about.  She went to ask someone else, then came back and told me that it was archived.'s still on the AG website, so I guess I'd better order it there quickly.

Here are photos and thoughts on the modern things that we bought.  First up is the Science Lab Set, for $36. 

Here is what came in the box:  safety glasses, test tubes and stand,
book, apron, microscope, and box of slides.

This microscope looks so cool!  The knob turns a little,
but I couldn't get it to actually focus or really even show the "slides".

The box of "slides".  They are just paperboard or wobbly plastic.

The Scott Foresman science book.

The real first few chapters are inside the book!

Here are the test tubes and stand.

The back of the apron.  Two Velcro closures.

We did not buy this, but I thought it was interesting.
They had it set up behind the stable.

Next up is the new back pack set.   I wasn't intending to buy this until I noticed that it was my daughter's fourth grade math book that came with it.  We moved states and schools partway through her 4th grade year and both schools used this book!

For $28, the backpack, three faux mechanical pencils, lined paper
notebook, water bottle, and math book.

Has the real first few chapters in it!  I love math!
Cute pencils!
I was really excited about the new hairpieces.  There are the Chic Bun, Braided Headband, and the colored hair extensions (not pictured.)  The bun and headband were in four different shades, I think.  We got the dark brown bun and the blonde braided headband.

Directions for braid.  It was pretty hard to get on the doll's head.
Not much give.
Our doll Kelly wearing the braided headband.
Also pictured is Saige's dog.  It's so fluffy!

Close-up of doll in braided headband.  It's a pretty good match.
Probably wouldn't look so good on the really light blond dolls.
I was surprised at how hard it was to put on.

Here is the back of the bun package.

Are you kidding me??  Just sliding it out of the package it did this.  GRR.

First step, as directed.

Second step, bottom comb in.

Top sort of on.  Not a perfect match, and EXTREMELY hard to get on the doll's hair.  This is an older doll with a thicker wig than my newer dolls have.  Maybe it would fit the newer dolls better, but I wouldn't buy this ever again--too fragile, expensive, and majorly hard to put on.

Souvenir shirt and mini doll bag pictured.  The souvenir shirt is
really tight fitting.
I LOVE this mini doll bag.  It is adorable!

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