Honest Sewing Room(s)

I've been seeing a lot of photos on Instagram lately that are labeled as #honestsewingroom or #honestcraftroom.  Many of them are quite pretty and not messy at all.  Although I would love to always have a photo-ready space, in my world, a clean sewing space is an unused sewing space.  Anyway, in the spirit the hashtag, I am showing you my current sewing spaces.  {I think I may be oversharing lately!}

Here is my cutting and pressing area, which is in our office.

Here is my machine area (in our living room):

I keep my notions cabinet, embroidery machine, and coverstitch machine in the kitchen.  This area is usually a little cleaner than this.

My design wall is in the laundry room.

The longarm is in the unfinished basement.

The majority of my stash is also in the basement.  Technically my stash is in my sewing room, but, as you can see, it is currently unfinished.  I jokingly say that it is my ongoing quest to take over the whole house with sewing stuff.  Seriously though, my goal is to have it all in one space so that the mess is contained.  I can't wait until this room is finished!

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