What's On Your Quilt Bucket List?

Are there some projects you would like to accomplish in your lifetime?  Things that seem challenging but that you'd still like to try?  A few things come to mind for me:

  • a Quiltworx pattern
  • a Hawaiian quilt
  • a Farmer's Wife quilt
  • a McKenna Ryan quilt--hmm, have a kit, have only done two blocks

Wow.  That doesn't really seem like a lot, making the assumption that I'm only halfway through my life.

I think my larger goal is just to finish everything I've started.  (Remember my UFO/WIP list from last week?)

Have you ever seen this list from quiltmaker.com?  It's a list of 100 things every quilter should do.  I guess I'm fortunate, because I've actually done more than 70 of the things on the list.  There are a few I'd like to do on the list that I haven't yet, especially go to the International Quilt Festival in Houston.  I would also really like to attend a quilt market, but not sure how I could make that happen at this point in my life.  If it weren't financially risky, I'd love to have my own shop too.  

What are your quilt dreams?

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