Subscriptions and A View of My Workspace

My friend brought to my attention that I didn't have an email subscription gadget on my blog.  I had it set up in my layout, but for whatever reason, Blogger wasn't displaying it.  I moved the button a little and now it is showing up, on the right, third section down.  

To follow me via email, enter your email address in the block. A popup window will open. Type in the letters it gives you to verify you're not a robot.  Then you will receive an email confirmation from FeedBurner.  Follow the link in the email and then you will be all set up.  You will receive an email from FeedBurner each time I post, which is currently Wednesdays, Sundays, and sometimes Fridays. 

I also have enabled (I think) RSS feed.  That is right below the follow by email section and the process should work the same.  There is also a follow by email button within the RSS selection.  It is the exact same process as I described above.

Additionally, there is now a contact form at the bottom of the right sidebar.  

I thought I'd share a photo of my workspace today.  I've mentioned before that my sewing is currently spread over much of the upstairs (can't wait until my actual room is ready!!).  This is part of our office.  My cutting/ironing table is in here, along with the fabrics I'm currently working with.  Sidenote--when my sewing room is done, I am having separate cutting and ironing stations. Such a pain to continually shift things.

You can see my pile of pink/aqua fabrics that I'm using for the 365 Challenge on the table by the rulers.  I'm getting ready to try making myself a shirt, so that's on the table too.  On the floor is my pile of doll clothing pattern binders and a tote of partially done doll clothes.  Behind that on my doll bed is a stack of quilt tops that are ready for quilting.  On the filing cabinet are quilts in progress, including my two ongoing blocks of the month/day.  Looks like I need to get sewing!!

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