May the Fourth Be with You

Happy May the Fourth Day!  Here's a special edition of funny things for you.

Moving along to sewing, here's some of the projects that are on my sewing table this week.
I started the Aviatrix quilt.  It's not as scary as I thought.
I've been working on my Coral Queen of the Sea quilt.  The blocks are about 3/4 done now.
I received my next kit for the Fig Tree Mystery Sampler, but haven't started it yet.
We are also prepping for a yard sale this weekend.  Can't wait to have all the stuff gone!  Even if it doesn't sell, we can donate what's left to the history center for their fundraiser. Win-win situation!

The new house across the street has moved beyond the excavating and cement crews to the Amish framing crew.  It's SOOOO much quieter.  And only one vehicle actually pulled off the road instead of 20 parked all over the road.  :)

We have 14 more school days.  The end of the school year always seems so busy.  I really need to get my new planner together.  I haven't made any progress since the last picture I posted of it. Summer looks like it's going to be really busy too, and it will really help to see the list of appointments, camps, and open houses all in calendar form.

My irises are all starting to bloom.  Some I don't remember having so many of, or are different colors??, and some that we divided don't look like they will bloom this year.  Many of my perennials didn't survive winter, so I need to get replacements.  I need to divide and transplant a few of the existing plants too.  And plant some lettuce in my little vegetable garden.

Looking forward to quieter, more productive days!

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