Paintings by Mac the Horse

Over the weekend we visited a local farm to have paintings created by Mac the quarterhorse. We were surprised by the sheer amount of animals on the farm.  There were two male turkeys, loads of dogs, a baby goat, mini horses, big horses, 10 puppies, chickens of various types, peacocks, cats, and geese.  All looked happy and well cared for! 
Mac, the horse who paints

Anyway, back to the paintings. Each of my children got to choose a canvas (white or black) and four paint colors to have Mac paint with.  Each painting was a $20 donation to a local animal shelter or a child's transplant fund. 

My daughter's finished canvas
My son's finished canvas 
Mac has other talents too--he played the guitar for us and demonstrated how he could sit on a beanbag.  He was feeling a bit frisky and was jumping around, bucking, and throwing a giant ball while in the pen--the circular fenced in area.  I'm not an animal person, so please forgive me if my terms aren't correct.  He can also stick out his tongue on command and play a keyboard.  His owner told us he has learned 40 different tricks but they practice some more than others.

The kids played with the Great Dane puppies, petted some of the other animals, and checked out the chickens and peacocks.  The male peacock was all white with tail feathers that must have been at least three feet long.  He did display his tail for us.  My husband picked up one of the turkeys and my daughter rather awkwardly picked up the other.  As we were leaving, we got to see the turkeys fight each other.  It's mating season, so they were putting on all sorts of displays the whole time we were there.  Too bad there aren't any hens to appreciate all this masculinity!  

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