Work In Progress Wednesday

Some people share what they're working on with this label.  I feel like I myself am always a work in progress, so I thought I'd share a whole bunch of things this week.

First is a series of sewing room pictures.  Two weeks ago I showed my future sewing room.  Here's some of my current space.  I also keep my (ahem, extensive) stash of fabric and supplies in the basement, along with the long arm.
My sewing machine and serger are in the corner of my living room right now.
My design wall with a few UFOs is in my laundry room.
Notions cabinet, embroidery machine, cover stitch machine, fabrics, minis I've received,
embroidery supplies, general detritus in the kitchen.
My cutting/ironing table and a bunch of stuff are in the office.  That Wellie Wisher doll has been in the bag since the end of July, which is when my son got a bug he didn't recover well from.  He's on the mend now, finally.
More stuff in the office.
The pile of shame.  Although most of it is batting right now.

Next, here is my canning updates.  I should be done for the year unless I start trying some different things.  I made 14 quarts of applesauce by myself this year.  I used a half bushel and a peck (3/4 bushel?) of Jonathan, Golden Delicious, and Jonagolds.  
I also bought some Bartlett pears at the orchard.  The recipe I had said you needed 11 pounds for 9 pints of finished pears, so I bought the remainder--five pounds--at the grocery store.  It turns out the pears I bought in a large handled bag at the orchard were all bad in the middle.  :(  So I only got 5 pints and one half pint.  I don't know that I'd do pears again unless I had a cheaper source, because these ran close to $20.  I do love canned pears though.  :/
I've kept my pineapple and plumeria plants alive outdoors this summer.  Thankfully we've had a lot of rain so they were always watered enough.  This is the pineapple top from the pineapple my husband brought me from Hawaii when he went there for work last year.  He brought me the plumeria starter too.

I completed my Bonnie & Camille Barn Quilt Swap Mini.  This was a 6" block quilt using only Bonnie and Camille fabrics and coordinating solids if needed.  I sent this quilt and some mini charms to my partner Jen, who likes star blocks, Scrumptious and Hello Darling fabric lines, and pink and aqua.
I received this mini from Leah.  She used a mini charm pack of Marmalade fabric to make it.  It's very cheerful and has the cutest quilting.  She also made a nine patch back for it.  It's so cute, and I have nothing like it.

I am sending two bags to the Sew Powerful charity.  I had really hoped to make more, but this year just hasn't worked out like I had hoped. If you are looking for a charity to sew for, this one is great.  They have very low overhead.  The majority of their funds go straight to the program.  Check it out.
I'm working on my Coral, Queen of the Sea quilt right now.  This will be a bed sized quilt when it is finished.  I still have another border to add and it needs a good pressing too.
If you are scared of spiders, quit reading now.  Don't scroll any further.  Nature here can't decide between summer and fall.  Last week was more fall like and this week feels like summer.  The spiders are out in force and make it look like Halloween.  
These are always in the grass and are pretty with the dew on them in the morning.
I saw this on a morning walk this week.
This creepy thing is on our deck and bird feeders.
And creepiest of all is this big guy who build a web over our slider door opening overnight.  YUCK!!

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