R2-D2, Strawberries, and Birds

R2-D2 is totally finished!

I also finished the top for the Strawberry Social quilt.  My daughter tells me she wants custom quilting on it and I'm not very good at that, so we'll see.  It may sit here another two years.  Sigh.

I'm trying to catch up on the Sewcial Bee Sampler blocks.  I'd gotten several weeks behind.  I'm hoping to be totally caught up today.  I'm also hoping to get the back pieced for my Snowman S'mores quilt and then onto the frame.  I made that top probably seven or eight years ago.
It needs a good pressing!

I've had pretty much the same to-do list for the last month.  R2-D2 was a big one on there, so now that it's out of the way, I have high hopes to get stuff done.  It is, however, the end of the school year, and it's a busy time.  I'll try not to beat myself up too much, but I always feel like I should be more productive than I am.

My husband filled our bird feeders over the weekend after leaving them empty for around a month.  We immediately had rose-breasted grosbeaks.  Usually we only have them for a few weeks in late spring, so I guess he timed that well.  I learned yesterday that the males have a rosy pink under their wings that you can see when they are flying.  The females have an orangey yellowish pink under theirs.

We were watching some red headed woodpeckers inspect a dead tree with many holes on the next lot over.  Hopefully they will nest in it.

Our flowers are putting on a show.  I'm still waiting for my favorite iris (Crater Blue Lake) to bloom.  Fingers crossed.
Caesar's Brother Siberian iris
Iris Batik
I can't believe the roses are blooming already.
The side garden. 
Before tying up the clematis, but much better lighting.
Can you see my son's rock collection?
Until next time...
PS--I've lost 10 pounds now.  :)

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