Sewcial Bee Sampler Update & More

I've been keeping busy lately, although I haven't really worked on anything much; not sure where the time has gone.  The end of the school year always feels that way.

I finished the horse cross stitch last night, pulled out the frame, and noticed this:
What in the heck am I going to do?  The frame is a little too small for the stitching.  How annoying. Maybe this is a good time to start working on my unfinished-for-more-than-10-years-cross stitch houses project.

I also pulled out this Kimberly Einmo mystery quilt from 2005.  It was published in the AQS magazine.  I think I quit working on it because I noticed I'd sewn part of the blocks wrong.  Looking at it now, I really don't think it will matter much.  I re-pressed the seams so that the blocks are a little flatter.  It should be interesting piecing this one together.  My seams weren't especially good/consistent back then.  I've improved a lot in 12 years!  I'm hoping to get this top put together in the near future.  I think it will be a good one to practice quilting from the front of the frame. Here are the two blocks that make up the majority of the top:
I'm having a sewing date with some of my friends this weekend.  I'm going to work on this project:
I haven't updated my progress on the #sewcialbeesampler in a while, so I thought I'd share the 15 blocks I've completed so far.  I took all these photos at the same time in the same conditions.  I find it weird how different they all appear in regards to exposure, etc.  Plus Blogger is fighting with me on how they will be displayed.  Sorry they're in such a long string.
block 1
block 2
block 3
block 4
block 5
block 6
block 7--I think this may be my favorite.

block 8
block 9--this one turns out dull no matter how many times I photo it.  :(
block 10
block 11
block 12
block 13
block 14
block 15
Registration for MQX Midwest opened Monday and I signed up for three classes--one lecture/demo, one hands-on class, and one trunk show/lecture.  I also signed up as a volunteer in my off-time. I'm a little nervous, but it should be fun.  I have four months or so to stew over it!  Ha!

I was looking for a video about using Leader Grips and found an excellent one by Seder Quilts.  You can search on You Tube and find the video.  As a result of watching, we bought lots of magnets over the weekend!

Have a great week.

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