Quilting, Snow, and Legos

We finished up spring break with a trip to the Brickworld Lego show.  This is basically a bunch of people's Lego collections on display.  There are also vendors, of course.  My son's favorite display is the M-Tron Space Mining display.  The size of the display grew significantly from last year.  Besides wondering whether they keep it set up, and, if so, where, we were pondering just how much money they must have invested in all the parts.  As we were speculating the worth of the collection, I got to thinking about how quilting as a hobby could be comparable.  Do you know how much money you have invested in your machines, notions, stash, patterns, etc.?

Space Conga? 
Chewy!  What are you doing here?
Here is a brief video of part of the set up.  Make sure your volume is off, since it's just background noise.

Another favorite was the Space series.  My husband had several of these sets growing up and my son has found instructions and rebuilt a few of them.

I thought this farming display was cool.

My personal favorite is the droid factory.  I was hoping they would have it on display again.  It has so many details.  It's just fascinating in person. Here is a brief video of it.  Turn your sound off, please.

Oh, Grumpy kitty.
In other news, we got a ton of snow yesterday.  I'm guessing 4-6 inches.  The roads are okay, so no school delay or closure.  It's supposed to be 50 degrees tomorrow.  While the snow looks pretty, it is spring and it can just go away.  I want my spring flowers back.
Yesterday at dinner time.
Today at breakfast.
I haven't really progressed at all on my Postcard quilt.  I pressed the row I had made last week and cut the next row, but haven't sewn it yet.

I've been trying to figure out how I want to quilt it when it's done.  Since it's all solids, whatever I do will really show.  Eek!  Any suggestions you have are welcomed.

And, because Postcard isn't on my UFO Challenge list for guild, I was looking over the list to see what else I might be able to get done.  I have two candidates selected for quilting:  Paradiso #1 and this purple/green flower top that I made prior to 2006.  Honestly, I'm not sure how I'm going to quilt either of them.  But I am determined to get them done!
Also, our next program at guild is EPP.  I'm not interested in doing the project that will be presented, but the cover image of the last Make Modern magazine caught my eye.  I had ordered a whole bunch of blues as color samples and between those and my leftovers from the Postcards quilt I have almost enough to do the project.  I wanted one more dark, so I ordered Kona Prussian yesterday.  Fingers crossed it fits into my progression.  
Kona cotton colors from left to right:  Royal, Pacific, Malibu, Water, Niagara, and Lake.
I will leave you with this random fact, as photographed on the bathroom mirror at the state fairgrounds.

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