Postcard from Sweden Update 3

Over the weekend I finished up both of my Postcard tops.  The big one is nice, but I have to say that the mini is my absolute favorite!  I have been staring at them, trying to figure out how on earth to quilt them.  I think I am going to stitch along the diagonal lines on the mini.  I still have no idea what to do on the regular sized one.  I feel like it needs something more geometric, which means ruler work.  For me, that means it will take forever and be a bit choppy since I'm still trying to get a feel for my machine in Precise mode.
The mini quilt ended up at 18 x 22, or around the size of a fat quarter.  The squares are 1.5" finished.  That sounds tiny, but it was so easy to work with and it all fit together really nicely.  It was much easier to line up than the full size quilt.  I need to give both tops another good pressing. I think my iron is dying.  It hasn't felt like it's getting very hot lately.  I've had it more than a year. The previous one (same model) lasted just over a year before it literally had a melt down and became unsafe.  So it may be time.
I've also been considering how to quilt a few more tops.  I realized that I had two different rows reversed on the purple and green one I showed last week.  I will need to do a little surgery (selective seam ripping) on those areas to get them into the correct positions.  I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to quilt it once it's fixed and I still need backing fabric.  I decided on a pantograph, Spiral Feather, for my Fig Tree 2016 mystery quilt.  I need to buy backing for it.  I haven't decided on anything for the Paradiso #1 quilt yet.

I have narrowed down my choices for Pixie Noel Winter Wonderland to either Easy Orange Peel or Traditional Baptist Fan pantograph.  I still had five blocks left to do, so I've been working on finishing those this week while I mull over how to quilt the Postcard quilts.  You can see I have one tree block finished and two more are in progress.

I also got two sets of burp cloths sewn.  Several of my husband's coworkers are expecting their first children, and these are part of their shower gifts.  You can look at my burp cloth tutorial for the method and materials I use.
My current goals are to get more tops quilted and then make myself some shirts.  I think the fabric for them has been sitting there over a year.  I'm desperate for some new tops and I am hard to fit. What are you working on?