Churn Dash #dashalong Quilt & Sewing Room

This is the final week of the #dashalong quilt along on Instagram hosted by @kairleoaks and @heritagethreads.  I worked on my layout over the weekend and decided I needed to switch out two of my blocks that were too light.  I made two new ones in denim blue and that seemed to work out okay.

One thing I didn't consider before I started sewing was which direction to press the seams.  That made assembly a bit difficult.  Anyway, I sewed my blocks together and felt like the top needed a little something.  I added 4" wide borders (cut at 4.5").  I'm pretty pleased with the top.  What I like best is that I used fabrics I already had.  I did add in a few lighter blue fabrics since I was lacking there.  Only adding a few fat quarters for a quilt this size--I'll call that a win for using the stash.  

I really didn't want to spend money for backing because this is a large top--80" x 92".  I had a seven yard piece of fabric that I got on a super sale from Crimson Tate last summer.  While the blue isn't a perfect match, it is good enough.  I really have tried to embrace the "good enough" mindset on this top, along with several others this year.  I tend to get hung up in perfectionist mode and then I don't finish anything.  Anyway, I also wanted to use the two blocks I didn't use on the front.  I made two additional blocks and pieced together a "good enough" backing.  I haven't pressed it yet (clearly).

I'm pondering how to quilt it.  Here are some of the books I am using as reference.  I often turn to these for inspiration for custom (not allover pattern) inspiration.  What are your favorite quilting reference books?  Or where do you look online for quilting inspiration?
I'm also still trying to finish my EPP block that the Fat Quarter Shop did in 2015.  I just need to finish stitching it down to the background.  I am finding it really difficult.
I have the sewing room cabinet layout mostly hammered out.  I'm not entirely sure of it, but this weekend the construction begins.  My biggest problem is that I'd really like my sewing machine to be inset so that the tabletop is level with the sewing machine surface and I can't really envision how it will look.  My other issue is what to use for a countertop.  I'm leaning toward Formica for cost, but I want all finished edges and no corner seam.  We may be making custom Formica countertops (wouldn't be the first time, but it's not very fun and is really smelly with the glue).

I found these two articles to be really interesting this week:
1.  Quilt Market analysis
2.  article on blogging by Allison Harris

Pile of quilts I'm contemplating selling.
I will be working on my guild swap project, quilting the #dashalong quilt, and helping on cabinets over the next week.  What will you be working on?

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