Construction & Deconstruction

I haven't been doing much sewing in the last week.  I cut all the diamond angles of the jelly roll quilt I started, but really can't face sewing them all together at the moment.  They are currently living on the design wall with the Queen Bee quilt blocks that I haven't worked on in at least a year.

I also decided that I really need to finish off the Fat Quarter Shop EPP I did a few years ago.  It just needs to be sewn to the background.  I got a few of the points sewn down, but it's really slow going and I am not enjoying it at all.  I'll try to keep plugging away at it though.

I did work on stripping a dressing table for my daughter.  We inherited it from my grandma 12 or 15 years ago.  That was about at the point where we started relocating for jobs a bunch and we just kept hauling it with us.  We've been in our current location for six years (a record length of time in one place for us).  A few years ago my husband started to strip the table, but it got set aside.  I decided that we really need to have this finished, so the kids and I started working on it some more.  My son made it a few minutes before losing interest.  My daughter lasted a bit longer.  I ended up doing the rest of it on my own.  There were at least three layers of paint on it--white, yellow, and an odd orangey brown. There are drawers, a three-panel mirror, and arms along with the table. It now needs to be sanded quite a bit before it can be repainted.
My husband has a break before his next MBA class starts, so he's been working on finishing the bathroom.  The trim is all in place and painted.  The sink cabinet is in place too (of course, since it had to be in place in order to do the trimming).  He has everything taped off so that the walls are ready to paint, but I guess he decided to do more work on the drywall last night. So now he has to sand and then clean up all the dust before he can actually paint.  Sigh.
This picture shows the trim before painting.
The trim with paint.
Taping in progress.  Tip:  use painter's tape along the ceilings to avoid having to clean up roller marks.
I haven't been spending much time outside lately because the weather hasn't been too comfortable.  I did notice that most of my hosta next to the garage service door has been eaten. Then, a few feet further away, I found another chewed plant.  It used to be a hosta too.  I really need to weed.  

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