Guild Swap & Leveling

Our guild swap happened last Friday.  As you may recall, we each brought in our own fabric and filled out an information sheet.  The bags were blindly swapped and we had to make something for our partner using their fabric and based on the information they gave on their information sheet.

Part of the things included in my bag were zippers and a small pillow form.  The zippers were the right lengths required by Sew Demented's Sew Together bag, so I figured that would be a good bet. I used my partner's fabrics for the majority of the bag.  I added the orange Cotton + Steel basic for the binding and the green travel print by Rifle Paper Company for Cotton + Steel as two of the pocket linings.   (You had the option to add your own fabrics in the same color ways as long as they checked the okay box.)  I felt it looked a tad plain when I was finished, so I made a needle minder and placed it on the outside of the bag.  It is, of course, removable.  I also made a little beaded zipper pull charm.

I also wanted to do something with the pillow form.  I found a pattern for a Delectable Mountain Variation that I thought would work well with the fabrics and information.  I drew up my own version and got to work.  I'm pretty pleased with how the finished product came out.  It's a 12" finished block. I should mention that the background linen fabric and the center, bright green fabrics were my partner's and I added in the other three from deep in my stash.  I learned how to do an envelope pillow back too.  I know, you probably can't believe I hadn't done one before since it's basic sewing.

I received this cute flamingo quilt from my partner.  I'm pretty sure it's from an Elizabeth Hartman pattern.  This is such a perfect pattern for me.  I love whimsical, kitschy flamingos and I may or may not have at least five pink flamingos in my front landscaping.  She made great use of my fabrics and I am so pleased it's mine.  She added in the black fabric.

I was surprised by how many purses/bags/pouches were made for this swap by my guild mates. Everyone was so thrilled with their things!  We're going to do the same swap again in a few months.

My kids have been in school for a week now and I feel like I have accomplished nothing.  In reality I've done quite a few things, just nothing sewing-related other than the swap.  I have three quilt tops I want to quilt.  I can't decide how I want to quilt them.  I did piece together a backing yesterday and then stalled out when I couldn't make a decision on quilt design.

We've been working on refinishing my grandma's dressing table for my daughter.  I think I mentioned that last week too.  My mom told me it was her grandmother's table before it was my grandmother's.  With that information, we estimate it to be around 90 years old!  Interestingly, my younger sister does not remember this piece of furniture at all even though it is one of my stronger memories of being at my grandparents' house.  Anyway, it's primed, sanded, and ready for paint. We are having some problems finding butt hinges (who knew that was a real term!?) in the right sizes to replace the old ones.  And we are debating what to do with the tri-fold mirror as well.  I'm hoping to get it done within the next two weeks.  We'll see.  We work slowly and we have a bunch of other things going on right now too.

Last weekend's project was to grind the sealer off the cement floor in the sewing room and then pour floor leveler on it.  We already knew there were low spots in the corners and in front of the window and the flooring I've selected allows for a 3/16" variation over 10 feet.  We rented a giant floor grinder and that worked much better and was easier than our hand-held one that my husband used in the bathroom down there.  Monday we applied the floor leveler.  We had three 55 pound bags and got halfway across the part that needed leveling.  It's the lighter gray in the corner with the wavy edges.  We'll finish the rest this coming weekend after we buy more leveler.  

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