Giraffes and Cabinets

We visited my in-laws over the weekend and got started on the sewing room cabinets.  We finished up the trim prep work and brought the trim for the basement back home with us.  I got all the casing sanded while we were there.  I still need to sand the base and the door head pieces.  Even though we had it wrapped up for the trip back, we went through some pretty heavy rain and it is all drying out right now.
Cabinet drawings, idea pictures, and the building plan.
Making a face frame.
All of the sanded casings.
This cabinet will house my embroidery machine.  
I also got to see all of my nieces and nephews, went to two animal parks, saw a three week old baby giraffe, and visited Stitched Studio, which I highly recommend if you are in the area.
Baby giraffe
Mom watches over baby
The only sewing-related thing I've worked on this week is this cross stitch that I worked on in the car.  Pattern is by Sewing Seed on Etsy.
I can't share the other sewing project I am working on.  It is a guild swap where each participant put their own fabric into a bag, we traded, and we make something for the person whose bag we received using their fabric.  It is due next week Friday, so the reveal will be in two weeks.

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