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I managed to sneak in a little sewing time yesterday.  I've had the FQS 2013 BOM on my frame for a week.  I'd been having problems getting the pattern I wanted to quilt on it to actually load correctly.  It kept crashing the program.  I finally deleted it and reloaded it into the software and that seems to have helped.  I have finished three of 15 rows so far. Each individual row has over 12,000 stitches.

While the computer was stitching away on the quilt, I managed to get two more book blocks made.  I'm super far behind where I wanted to be on this project, but it will get there eventually.

Over the weekend I had lots of time in the car, so I finished binding the Charming Lucy baby quilt.  Now I just need someone I know to have a baby.  LOL.  This quilt was made using Stacy Iest Hsu's Best Friends Forever fabric for Moda.  The free pattern is by A Bright Corner.

Originally I thought maybe I'd bring the 365 Challenge quilt to bind, but once I picked it up and realized how heavy it is, I quickly decided on the baby quilt instead.  I was curious how much the 365 quilt actually weighs.  It's 90" x 90" and it weighs between eight and 10 pounds!!  I did the super-scientific thing of standing on the scale with and without the quilt.  :P   Right now this is the only quilt I have left to bind.
We have had so much rain lately and heavy storms too.  Most of our garden plants are super happy.  We have a bumper crop of milkweed this year and haven't seen a single monarch butterfly or caterpillar so far.  Go figure.
This bee balm is super happy, as is the spearmint that is taking over everything.  I need to thin it out a lot. The good thing about the spearmint is that the deer don't like it.
Our vegetables are starting to look a bit wild.  I bought a cucumber plant this year.  I think it's an English cucumber.  It all the sudden started growing like crazy and has pushed through the fence to the outside.  Of course the deer have eaten off most of what sticks out through the fence, but they apparently don't like the actual cucumbers since this one is still here.  And yes, I know I need to weed the vegetables.

When I was taking pictures in the sewing room this morning, I saw what appears to be a baby/juvenile blue jay sitting in my window well garden.  I had to zoom in a bunch, so the picture isn't the best quality, but I found it funny that a chipmunk photo-bombed.

I'm hoping to get in some more sewing time this week and I also have a room to paint.  What are you working on?

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  1. First let me say thank you for linking up. I love your quilts and all the photos. The garden cage is genius. The deer devoured our tomato plants several years in a row. So I moved them inside the fence and that worked until the ground squirrels (chipmunks) found them. This year I said to heck with it, maybe by next spring the ground squirrels will have forgotten they ever found food here. I'm really curious about the bee balm, does it attract a lot of bees? Now that I think of it, I've not seen any butterflies yet this year, do you suppose it's due to all the rain? Sorry to distract from the purpose of my visit. I love the quilts and the book blocks are great.