Plot Twist

I purchased a NASA quilt kit from Riley Blake via Jo-Ann for my space-loving son.  It arrived Friday and I planned to sew and quilt it this week.  We are changing the layout slightly and adding some additional yardage that I already had.  Since the previous fabric was already washed, I washed all the new yardage as well.  As soon as it was out of the dryer, I took it to the sewing room to start ironing.  Then I noticed that the central panel had a sizable flaw that runs in two directions right through the center of the panel.  I was so disappointed!  And a little at loose ends since I'd already planned on working on it during my sewing time this week.

So I sulked for a while and then decided to make another Quilts for Kids project.  It's loaded on the frame and I think I have the quilting plan programmed and ready to go.  I have exactly two free hours today, so not sure when I'll get to this, but hopefully tomorrow I'll have a bit more time.  I don't anticipate this one taking very long.
As a side note, I generally do not float my quilt tops.  However, I used the very end of a bolt of batting for this and it is super wrinkly, so I felt that I needed to be able to access it and make sure everything goes well.

We also finally hung these pictures that my sister gave me several years ago.
The only other thing I have to mention is that I am officially in business.  I filed all the paperwork and got approved from the county last week.  I'm working on designing some business cards and then I'll be super-official!  I'm waiting to hear from the state on a sales tax permit.  Assuming they approve (paperwork is showing up today), then I'm planning to add some nice batting choices to my repertoire.  Send some quilting my way!  :)

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  1. Good thing you have plan B for the weekend. Congrats on being officially in business!!!

  2. Congrats!. Mostly I float my tops out of necessity because my leaders are stretched. leaders are on their way. Not really on their way, they are in my sewing room waiting for the edges to be serged so I can install them. The single hardest thing I have ever cut done. If they ever need replaced again I will bite the bullet and spend the money. Thank you for linking up with me today.