How to Use a Paper Pantograph

I thought I'd try something new--I made a video during the process of quilting the guild donation quilt I worked on last week.  I thought people might wonder how you would use a paper pantograph when quilting, so I made lots of small videos with my cell phone as I went along.  This is my first time talking in a video, my first time using iMovie (had to get my tweenage son to help me), my first time trying to join multiple videos into one, just lots of firsts.

The movie ended up much longer than I expected; it's 13-1/2 minutes!  I removed as much unnecessary content as I could to try to shorten it.  Also, there are times when I forgot to aim the camera where I was looking or it didn't quite focus where I was aiming.   The transitions between the scenes are nonexistent. Hopefully the content is useful despite my inexperience.  And YouTube has chosen an odd frame to use as the preview here!
If you watched, what did you think? Could you understand what to do?  Please be gentle!

As a side note, since adding the computer to my long arm, I hadn't quilted anything from the back until now. Tracing the panto by hand made me so thankful for the computer.  Not that there's anything wrong with doing it by hand, I did that for almost four years.  

I've been busy working on the technical end of launching the quilting business, so I have not sewn at all since I did the guild quilt a week ago.  I've ordered business cards, am working on taking photos, and am still tweaking the website. I've ordered some new batting that I'm excited about.  I'm doing other business-y things too.  ha ha

If you'd like to see the website in progress, click here.  All of the information is there and services can be booked, but I haven't added photos yet.  Since you're reading here, you probably have already seen my photos anyway.  😏  Anyway, there is also a newsletter sign up there with a special code. I'm planning to do a once-a-month newsletter, so it won't clog up your inbox.

My quilt guild is selling raffle tickets to win the library quilt. Much to my surprise, I've actually managed to sell a few tickets long distance via Facebook.  Thanks to my cousin and high school friend who bought some.  😊

Totally switching gears again, the summer garden is basically done.  We still have the cucumber and jalapeño plants.  The cucumber is slowing down but the jalapeño is going strong. We harvested the first batch of potatoes and beets.  Last year we harvested the beets and ate them boiled, because that is how my mom likes them and it was her birthday.  This year we tried roasting them, but I thought they tasted essentially the same as they did boiled--earthy and beet flavors.  At least they look pretty in the bowl. We have a few more to harvest and I think I may try making chips out of them unless someone can point me to an outstanding recipe.  At least the potatoes are good--we didn't get much yield from the first bag, but they taste really good.  And they didn't have scab like last year, so bonus.

And finally, a sneak peek of a project a long time in the making.

Have a great week!


  1. I’m having computer robotics envy over here... would love to add Intelliquilter to my APQS Millie someday but for now my machine is guided by my own shaky hands!

  2. Great video. Pantos is something I haven't tried but feel I have a clear idea now. Prior to investing in them I will have to draw some designs. Can't wait for you to share the long time making quilt, I love the colors. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.