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I've been pretty busy this past week.  While I haven't made much progress on the technical side of things, I have actually done some quilting and sewing.  And it feels good.

I made a Kristine ID wallet (pattern by Uniquely Michelle) for my daughter.  She chose the fabrics.  
I was happy to have this coordinating zipper laying around.  I didn't even
feel bad when I threw away most of it after cutting it down to the right size.
I didn't do so well with fabric placement here!  LOL
I made one of these for myself a few years ago.  Read all about it here!

I quilted another charity quilt for my guild.  The fabrics in the quilt are by Sweetwater for Moda.  I chose to use the Starry pantograph to quilt it.  And I have happily passed it off to another guild member for binding.
I'm working on a secret project.  Here's a weird, grainy sneak peek.
I'm also hoping to get to my son's NASA quilt this week.
I've mentioned in passing that I'm working on taking photos of my quilts.  I'm still struggling to find the perfect lighting and styling.  I thought it would help if I had a quilt ladder.  I beseeched my husband to make one over the weekend.  I chose mahogany because Menards does not stock walnut.  Here are a few photos of it.  
Determining layout.

I really was hoping to do a finished quilt picture of this quilt for this week. And wouldn't you know it, we've had overcast, rainy weather the last few days.  Not complaining though, because we desperately need the rain.  So, here's another little shot of it.
The coolapeno/jalapeño plant is still going strong in the garden.
We have started our sixth, and I think final, FLL season.  My kids are also taking an eight-week Intro to Fencing course.  Add in SAT prep, trig/pre-calc, just general schoolwork and activity stuff, etc., it's been busy.  I must comment here that although I have a degree in Mathematics and I used to teach math before children, I can't remember how to do most things past Algebra without looking them up.  😞  Oh, I'm also learning EQ8 and made a very basic quilt layout with imported fabrics yesterday.  Feeling accomplished!

I am accepting bookings for quilting right now.  Turn around is under two weeks.  Book services and sign up for my monthly newsletter at www.quiltingbyanne-marie.com.

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  1. Love the quilt ladder! You and your hubby are so very talented!!

  2. The quilting design is perfect for the charity quilt, someone is going to be very happy. Staging is a struggle for me too. Thank you for linking and the link to the coin purse pattern.