Fabric Selections for Bonnie Hunter Frolic Mystery

Happy Thanksgiving if you are here in the U.S.  Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt starts tomorrow, so I thought I'd do a quick post to show what fabrics I'll be using.  I changed the paint chips very slightly, but I think I ended up pretty much the same as what she has.
Green--I went for Organic Green
I was going for a bit more purple than burgundy.  Still pretty similar though.
The whites
I used the color Swimming for the aquas.

Dress Blues
The good thing is that much of the fabric came from my stash.  The bad part is I bought a whole bunch more trying to match the Scanda color and NONE of them worked!  I didn't use most of the extra navy fabrics I bought either, but I love navy and it will definitely get used.

How did I do?  Any tips from anyone who has completed one of Bonnie's mystery quilts before?  This will be my first one.

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