February OMG Complete!

I have completed all three of the quilt along tops that I had in progress--the Meadowland and two Sunshowers.  The Meadowland is my February OMG, and I am so happy I got the top sewn in time!  

I messed around with block placement for over a week on the Meadowland.  I took loads of pictures in black and white, trying to get the values as balanced as possible.  Eventually I got a layout I was somewhat okay with and just started sewing.  Then I decided I'd like it better if there were small borders in order to give the blocks more of a floating appearance.  I couldn't remember which white fabric I used, but I found a long scrap piece that was close and the dimensions were almost perfect.  I figured that was a sign.

I woke up super early Saturday morning and couldn't get back to sleep, so finally around 6 AM I decided to go downstairs and cut and sew the borders.  Everyone else was still asleep, and we have a nightlight in the stairway, so I didn't turn on the overhead light.  No sooner had I thought, "Wow, that nightlight really makes it easy to see," than I found myself flying through the air and landing on my knees.  I missed one or two of the last steps.  Oops.  My back is still a bit sore.  I guess I twisted awkwardly as I fell. Anyway, I sewed on my borders and my top is complete.  It was super windy when we took the pictures!
I was surprised by how green the colors look in the photos.  I thought they would read as more blue.  Also, the top is upside down in the next picture, not that it really matters.  Though I did work hard to make the directional prints all go the same direction.
I also finished both of my Sunshowers tops. I changed things up a bit from my original  plan, which was to make a twelve-block throw.  I switched out one of the fabrics and moved them around a bit.  I figured I could then make a smaller throw, a baby quilt, and a mini from what I had left.  I decided I didn't really need a mini, but a bit larger throw would be good.  Since I changed that, I was short on the blue fabric to make the side borders on the baby quilt.  We were in Indianapolis this weekend, so I stopped by Crimson Tate to purchase more of the blue.  That way I had a much better chance of making sure I had the same dye lot. Here are my two Sunshowers tops.

I need to go shopping for lots of backing yardage now.  I do still need to work on my friend's custom quilting job before I quilt any of mine.  I have a plan for it, so I just need to mark and quilt. My three will all be edge-to-edge jobs.  After that I will probably finish piecing the Frolic mystery quilt and also the hippo one that I started before the QALs.  I will also be working on a custom quilting plan for another of my friend's tops.  That one is all Tula Pink fabrics and will be in a show, so I want to make sure I have something really special for it.  Some year I will custom quilt my own eight or nine tops I have waiting! 😜

Oh, I also finished quilting and binding the donation quilt I had received.  This photo was pre-binding, obviously.  Unknown maker on this one.
And finally, here is my little pineapple this week.
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  1. Lovely Sunshowers! Clever you matching all those seams - at first I thought you'd sewn semicircles in one go, so well matched are the seams.

  2. You've been busy! I love the quilting on your donation quilt, and the pineapple is SO cool.

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.