Getting Closer

This month has just flown by.  I feel like I'm having a hard time keeping track of time.  Last week I was a day ahead the whole week and this week I'm a day behind.  Mostly because everyone was home on Monday, so today feels like Tuesday instead of Wednesday.  Whatever.  Anyway, I've been plugging away at the quilt alongs.

I have one of the Sunshowers rainbow tops completed.  This one is 60 x 78.  I have a tentative quilting plan worked out for this one. I usually choose a thread based on the background color.  In this case, that would be the blue, but I really don't like how the blue thread would look going over the rainbows.  I'm not a fan of dark thread on light fabric. I tried a bunch of grays, pastels, and even a 100-wt white, but none of them appealed.  I do have a heavier rainbow variegated thread left from a previous project, so I think I'm going to go a bit away from my norm and make the thread really stand out on this one.  Hopefully it works out!
I have the second one partially completed, but I ran out of the blue fabric, so I need to get more so that I can put the sides on the quilt.  Just in case you wondered, my original fabric pull was different than this and I also had intended to make 12 blocks.  So the yardage I originally bought didn't quite go as far as I had planned.  Honestly, I'm not sure I could have made it through all 12 rainbows.  Curved piecing isn't really my thing.  Tiny block piecing is my love.
I think I'm finally at a point where I'm ready to sew the Meadowland blocks together.  I have been shuffling them around for days and nothing felt quite right.  Getting this top completed is my One Monthly Goal for February, so I have about a week left to get it sewn.  I think I'm going to add white borders around the outside once I'm done.  However, I'm not sure which white I used--was it Kona white or Moda Bella white? Sorry for the lousy picture.  My design wall is behind my longarm and it's right behind the bank of lighting over the machine.  You can see it the colors more accurately in the next picture.
Once I get the tops sewn, I need to get backing fabrics for everything and binding fabric for the Meadowland. I'm hoping that happens this week.

I actually have a quilting queue right now!  I have this giant 90 x 90 top (unknown maker) that I am quilting as part of the Community Quilts program at one of the guilds I belong to.  It is headed for someone receiving a home through the local Habitat for Humanity program.  As you can see, it's loaded up and ready to go.  I had to order in some king sized batting for it, and the batting came Monday.  This one needs to be quilted and bound within the next two weeks.
I have two custom quilts in my lineup as well.  I have the quilting planned out on the first one, so I need to mark it and then get stitching.
Joining concurrent quilt alongs probably wasn't my best idea.  However, since I'm participating in Longarm League discounts for them, I wanted to have experience with both tops.

In other news, my daughter has finally finished the 50 hours of practice driving the state requires before you can get a license.  A little more practice with the various types of parking and she should be ready to take the test.  That means we are also looking at needing to buy an additional car since my husband has been driving the Prius that we bought for her.  Car payments and increased insurance premiums are in my near future.  But also relief once she actually gets the license.

She's also back in math class.  The first trimester of Pre-calc was rough on both of us and we'd been enjoying the 12 week reprieve where she didn't have math.  My undergraduate degree is in math.  I had years and years of calculus in college.  I taught math, though it was mostly at a remedial level, so I never really went beyond Algebra with my students.  I cannot remember the majority of what my daughter is studying in math class.  They do not have a textbook, though that may not have been much help anyway based on the lousy ones she had for her lower classes.  Her high school only offers honors or dual enrollment level classes for the fourth year of math.  For the life of me I cannot figure out why.  Not every kid is a whiz in math, but most every college bound kid needs the fourth year.  Why can't there be a normally paced class that actually uses a book?  And doesn't use a really aggressive, insane amount of work for the teacher, grading system.

Why, oh why, have I forgotten almost every bit of math I ever learned in college?  If you don't use it, you lose it, for sure.

Let's end this with something happier.  Here's how my baby pineapple looks this week.
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  1. Math was my favorite subject in hs but it't not the only thing I lost from not using it. History was my least favorite yet I remember most of it. Meadowlands is so calming, I really really like it. Congrats to you daughter and your rainbows look great. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.