Scenes from IHQS

This past week has really messed with my routine.  We are adding solar panels to our house.  So far they have been working inside, outside, and on top of my house last Wednesday, Friday, this week Monday, Tuesday, and today.  Some days it's really loud, some days it's really inconvenient, and all of the days I am stuck in the house.  Yesterday the power was supposed to be off for 30-45 minutes, and it ended up being off over five and a half hours.  My fridge got too warm and I had to throw away all meat, milk, eggs, and leftovers.  Unfortunately, I had all the lunch and dinner things for the rest of the week in there, so the loss was great.  Somehow I was the only one who was that upset by it.  The workers certainly weren't, and neither was my husband.  I am attributing this to them all being men.  I was devastated.  I understand that there are much worse things in the world than this, but really, all the waste, not to mention all the time I had invested.  Apparently my time is worth nothing.  😢
March 5--some things sticking out of the roof
March 10--frames and lots of wires and boxes.  A few of the panels were added later in the day.
Moving on to happier things, I was able to go to the IHQS show on Thursday and returned for a bit on Saturday.  Since I haven't had much time to sew anything of my own, I will share some of the quilts I saw there.  The first few are part of the Elvis exhibit.
Change of Heart by Nancy B. Adams
Hound Dog by Cheryl Stanczyk
The rest are quilts that caught my eye for whatever reason.  I didn't take pictures of most of the winners.  While they were of course very lovely, I'm sure you will see them on the show circuit for years.  At least, that's been my experience in the past. I liked this next one because of the outer space view.
To Rule the Night by Pat Kelley

This one is very tiny.  I am always a fan of tiny quilts because of the skill and the size of the piecing. 
My Carolina Lily by Rhonda Nelson

Fun story about this one--I don't think you can read it in the picture, but there are a group of "Bonniacs" in town who love Bonnie Hunter and do her mystery quilts every year.  Maryam decided she didn't really need another big quilt, so she reduced all the pieces of Good Fortune by 75%.  Isn't her quilt awesome?
Good Fortune by Maryam Othman
Good Fortune by Maryam Othman
This one caught my eye both times I was there.  The quilting was really good.
PowWow by Mary Bauer
This one was also very impressive.  
Cardinal Points by Gail Stepanek
What's not to love about a Harry Potter quilt? 
Erised by Gail "Windy" Baumgart
Everyone loves a rainbow.
Exploding Spectrum by Susan Young

This one should win just for having the best personal name.

 The embroidery details on this one were amazing!
Stavanger Village by M. C. Bunte
This one was a stunner too.  Amazing quilting.
Reverberations by Suzy Webster
This one was entirely hand pieced and quilted.  Each of the squares was 1/2" finished!  Her quilting stitches were ultra-tiny.
Dynamo by Megan Farkas
This one was really striking in person too.
100 Days with Tula by Kim Dunnington
Hope you enjoyed the show!  On a final note, my first daffodils bloomed yesterday.  Spring is officially here--at least in my book.
March 10, 2020, first daffodil blooms of the year.

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