Over the weekend I finished up my client Adeline's quilt.  She hired me to quilt and bind it.  

I got a new toy to help with squaring it up before binding.  Have you ever used a tile laser square to help square up a quilt?  I found it helpful, yet pretty finicky to use.  I had to be exceptionally careful not to touch any of the fabric other than to lightly mark my trim lines or the laser line went haywire.  After very carefully marking and trimming, the client's quilt came out extremely square. 

Next I tried to use the laser to square up my Dash Along quilt.  I thought that my quilt was pretty square to start with.  Diagonal measurements were very close.  According to the laser, the quilt was not remotely square.  I trimmed it up with a ruler in the normal fashion and decided it was good enough.  Oh well.

I am currently binding my Dash Along quilt.  I have one long side of the quilt and half of one short side bound. This is the back.  It's been super dark and gloomy the last few days, which is not ideal for photos.

I have also been making some masks for my household.  I got my hair cut Monday, so needed a mask.  I managed to keep it on for the duration of my time in the salon.  I made some for my kids too, in the event they leave the house in the future.  I had to really work at tweaking to get a proper fit for them.  I do not enjoy anything about the masks, so this is probably the first and last time I will ever mention it.

Last week we celebrated my daughter's birthday.  We decided on a recipe I'd pinned long ago for her cake. It's called Shirley Temple cake.  It is basically a lemon cake with maraschino cherries.  I was very pleased that the cake turned out.  This might be my only attempt at a Bundt-style cake that has ever turned out. Here is the recipe if you are interested.  We reduced the sugar by 3/4 cup (used 2 1/4 cups).  I would also finely chop the maraschino cherries before adding them and make only half of the glaze. You can see we had way too much. One final note--this cake dries out really fast, so be sure to have a way to cover it.

One of my clematis started blooming.  

And here's a picture of my little pineapple.  The three I'm trying to root are struggling.  I should be able to harvest the bok choy and lettuce this week.
Check back Friday for a funny picture.

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  1. Your clematis is gorgeous and so are both quilts. Never heard of that "laser toy" -- sounds kind of Doctor Evil to me! ;-). Happy birthday to your daughter and her cake sounds terrific and looks lovely. I'm not sure why your previous bundt cakes disappointed you, but there are really good bundt cake recipes and baking tips on the King Arthur Flour web site. Here's a link to an article full of SOS suggestions if your bundt cake is stuck in the pan: My tried and true KAF bundt cake recipe is their Pumpkin Espresso bundt cake. Mmmmm!!

  2. The customer quilt is very pleasing to the eye and the lighting was perfect for your churn dash. The quilting is highlighted nicely, I don't think you could have taken a better photo for texture. My rose bushes have started blooming and have huge flowers, clematis do not like me. Any tips on keeping chipmunks out of tomato plants, hubby has declared war on them? Thank you for linking up last week, its always a pleasure seeing what is going on in your neighborhood. BTW, glad you finally were able to get a haircut.