This month has taken some interesting twists and turns.  Nothing major, just a lot of time spent on things I wasn't anticipating.  Isn't that how life goes?

I have done quite a bit of sewing this past week, though I haven't made quite as much progress as I had hoped.

I finished the entire outer ring of my For the love of geese quilt and made some progress on the next ring in. My goal for May was to have the outer ring and the pink ring done.  You can see I'm not quite there, but May isn't yet over.  Will I be able to finish my goal in time??
Denise at For the love of geese sent me these lovely Island Batiks.  Are the colors wonderful?  Thanks, Denise!
My husband made me this sign for my sewing room.  I just have to choose where to hang it.

Some of the flowers are looking nice.  It's been an odd year for the flowers.  My butterfly bushes have basically fizzled out.  I have one that is doing okay and the other four are really struggling or have died.  This year we are inundated with chipmunks and rabbits and they are plotting the gardens' demises.  My irises need to be divided, so there are very few blooms.  Those that have set flowers are on very short stalks, so they don't show well, being down in the leaves.  We had a late frost that didn't help matters either.  This is my favorite iris, Crater Lake Blue.  It usually has giant blooms.  The blooms are still fairly large, but the stalks are flopping over, which is very unusual in my yard.
I can't remember what this plant is, but let's enjoy it before the bunnies eat it.
I lost half of my clematis vines this year too.  Three of the four remaining are blooming or starting to bloom.

This clump is at the lower left of the vine above.
We always call this our Seuss clematis because it's so different from our others.  We bought it at Menards one year.
There is usually a bird nest in this one.

My little garden out my sewing room window looks nice this year too.
We have harvested about half of the baby bok choy we grew.  We've been enjoying the fresh lettuce too. Most everything else is growing well, but no other food yet.

I have to take my daughter to pick up her diploma this morning.  The kids have dentist appointments tomorrow, which should be interesting.  I'm glad they have implemented strict safety standards though.  For me, always a germaphobe, I like that there are now more sanitizer stations and also not having to wait in a waiting room.  I would have loved not waiting in a pediatrician waiting room when the kids were young.  We'd go for something routine and I would end up sick, even though I tried my best not to touch anything.  Ha.

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  1. I love that you are adding pink for the middle geese. Your flowers look great, my roses bushes had a few nice big blooms but with this constant weather change they look more like they do in the fall. Thank you for linking up, now i will go read your next post.