August Goal

My August goal is to finish at least one more round of my For the love of geese quilt.

I will also do all the cutting for the Morewood Mystery quilt.  You can still join in the QAL. Cheryl writes great patterns, there is a very active Facebook community, and best of all, it is free!

Another project I will work on during August and September is Maeberry Square's Water Drop pattern.  This is a great project to join in on if you want to perfect your half-square triangle game and/or try making 32 HST at a time.  The pattern releases tomorrow!  There will be a QAL starting next week as well.  Sign-ups start tomorrow.  

There's a few behind the scenes projects too. Meanwhile, I'll still be quilting as much as possible. I'm really hoping my new robotics shows up SOON. I've been watching all the training classes in preparation.  

Last week I got to quilt Annie's Unity quilt.  As you may recall, the Unity quilt was a quilt along hosted by Bonnie Hunter earlier this year.  Annie and I started at the same time.  She got hers done.  I stalled after the central unit--aka the first block!  Anyway, check out this beauty!  She had me quilt it with Knit One, Purl Two, and it is just beautiful.
My friend had a birthday last week. I made her an ultra-tiny mini, a 6" mini, and included a wooden ruler box and a seam presser my husband made, a charm pack, Wonder Clips, and threw in some food goodies as well. It was so much fun to put together a surprise and sneak it onto her porch, though I wish in-person get-togethers were an option. 
I have my closet mostly under control now.  There's a lot of large bins I need to go through, but all the quilting fabrics are sorted by color and/or projects. The kids and I sorted my scraps into baskets by color. Based on what was there, I use shades of blues and whites the most. We also sorted all the batting scraps into totes by our best guess at type (not pictured, but stacked up on the right side of the closet).  I need to make an effort to seam and use them on smaller projects.
Switching gears, we've had several smaller green bean harvests.  We had a sizable one the other night and I thought this picture was quite attractive.  My husband thinks it's weird that I take pictures of food from our garden. I think the veggie pictures are pretty. 
Finally, in the weird category, I happened to look out the window at just the right time to see this crazy chipmunk.  Chipmunks have been wreaking havoc in the flower gardens this year and now this one has discovered the oriole feeder.

Next week I'll be discussing scrap management, so be sure to stop by and see some of the crazy things I've tried.

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  1. 1. I have Chipmunk Envy. They look like so much more fun than my boring squirrels.
    2. You know I am already in love with your Love of Geese, because I tell you every time you post about them. LOVE!
    3. Annie's Unity quilt looks gorgeous! So the Knit One, Purl Two -- that was a paper panto that you quilted on your new Lucey? It looks fantastic! I need to try another pantograph. I tried a couple when I first got my machine and they came out awful -- but I think I chose designs that were not at all beginner friendly.

    Thanks for linking up with Long Arm Learning! :-)

  2. I'm a huge mini mini fan and yours are adorable! Who wouldn't love to be on the receiving end of that adorable gift?! I once loved chipmunks...then I discovered how destructive they are! Who would have thought something so cute could take over like they do. Your fabric organization is impressive!

  3. Those darn chipmunks drive me crazy. They are cute when they play in our firewood but destructive to what was once my lilies and tomato plants. Your closet looks so good and I love you selection of colors. Annie's quilt is beautiful and I love what you put together for your friend. For the love of geese is turning into a very happy quilt.

  4. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down :)

  5. The geese are beautiful and I love the unity quilt--nice quilting. I have most of those fabrics in the minis. Have made a few quilts from them and getting ready to make another! So pretty!

  6. Hi Anne-Marie! Oh, those chipmunks! We have some that sit in front of the big picture window and tease the heck out of the pups. On purpose! HAHA! Anything for a free meal but boy do they have to work for it, huh?! Your Love of Geese project is coming along so beautifully. A friend tested that pattern for Denise and she had never PP before. Can you imagine?!! I'm still in awe of her that she finished. Anyhoo - it's fab. I am intrigued by knit one, purl two. I can't quite follow the pattern (and I don't knit) so I can't see when it starts to repeat but it sure gives the quilt the perfect amount of texture. I'm visiting from Rebecca's first linky party! ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. That Unity quilt is a beauty! Great job on the quilting!!!

  8. Love that quilt. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

  9. Love of Geese quilt looks like it will be wonderful! I love your little gift for your friend. She must be a quilter, also. Such lovely gifts!