Food & Fabric Prep

I had big plans for sewing.  Life has had other plans.  First, it seems like everything has ripened at once in the garden.  I made another seven jars of sweet relish and four of pickled banana peppers.  I made another batch of eight containers of freezer pickles as well, but for once did not photograph them.
Then the tomatoes finally started ripening.  I am the only one in my house who eats raw tomatoes (or cooked, unless they are well-disguised in sauce form) and we only have one plant, but it has tons of tomatoes growing on it. We had some more banana peppers ripen as well, so we thought we'd try making Zesty Salsa from the Ball Guide to Preserving book.  Well, even though we'd decided on a half-batch, our peppers were not enough.  Plus we needed jalapeños and more onions. Off to the grocery store we went.

The grocery store only had Hungarian wax peppers, not banana peppers.  Way too hot. I weighed out what we needed for jalapeños using the scale in the produce department.  Got to the check out, found out we had double what we needed.  Found a farmer's market right at closing time and got fresh banana peppers. Went home, started cutting everything.  I learned the hard way why you should wear gloves when handling jalapeños.  About the time I was ready to cook the salsa my hands were starting to burn.  
By the time I was done with the canning process my hands were starting to be quite painful.  I washed with hot water and soap several times, took off my rings, washed some more.  I made a baking soda paste and that helped a little but was really messy. I kept changing that out, but the pain kept growing.  My husband suggested pouring nail polish remover on my hands since that cuts oil.  It worked fairly well, but I still had moments where my hands would feel really hot and numb.  24 hours later it finally subsided.  Lesson learned.  Here's the finished salsa.  The family tells me it's good, but I'm a bit scared to try it.  I can't handle the heat!
One more food thing before I move on to sewing.  I struggle with making yeast bread not made in the bread machine.  I found a recipe for brioche bread that was very detailed and my daughter and I made these loaves.  They turned out!  They were very tasty!  It only took two days, six eggs, and two sticks of butter! 😃

Okay, now on to the sewing.  My daughter and I are participating in Maeberry Square's Water Drop QAL.  I'm also offering 15% off edge-to-edge quilting of Water Drop quilts through the end of November.  We both decided to go with Kona solids. I got the bright idea to cut up my Kona card so we could choose colors more easily.  I neglected to have a plan for what to do with the 365 little chips after I was done cutting.  Oops. Luckily I had this lovely leather tray to store them in temporarily.
Here are our selections with the cover of the pattern.
Here are the fabrics in real life.  I chose Celestial, Cyan, and Cypress with a white background.  K chose Ferndale, Kale, and Emerald with Noble Purple for the background.  We have a fun edge-to-edge pattern selected for her quilting already.  I'm not sure what I'll use on mine.  
K is starting college next week, so we got started on her sewing this week.  She brought her machine to the sewing room so I had company down there.
Meanwhile, I've been working on more pieces of my For the Love of Geese pattern.  I ran a bit short on the color I am using for the second round since I'd already used it in one of the outer rings.  Luckily I found more (it seems to be from an older line?) and it came yesterday.  Crisis averted!
I also did all the cutting for the Morewood Mystery quilt.  I put in a new blade before starting and it was so fast and easy to cut everything.  Why do I always wait way too long to replace the blade??
I was planning to sew all day Sunday.  Instead I went and bought a new washer so that I could continue with my laundry.  The old one made it about eight years.  I was trying to stretch out getting a new one a little while longer, but it wasn't in the cards.  I could handle things having rust on them, but I draw the line at things coming out still dirty.  So far, so good on this one. 
Oh, and I decided it would be nice to slide all the little Kona chips into sleeves so they are easy to see.  I found these coin protector pages on Amazon that I'm going to use.
Let's hope this next week is a little less eventful.

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  1. I feel you pain over the jalapenos. Once or twice a year I purchase a couple dozen, blanch them add a sausage and cheese filling and freeze them for my brunch. No one else them. The dark color in your geese is really nice. Glad you were able to get a washing machine, I'm on the hunt to replace my deep freeze that gave out at the beginning of everyone's food hoarding. In face the appliance store just called today to say they finally got a couple in. Unfortunately the smallest is too big for my space. Thank you for linking up today.