A Tale of Two Pillows

Remember my reindeer pillows?  I decided to make Valentine's Day pillow covers as well.  I made two blocks using Pen + Paper  and Then Came June's I Heart You quilt pattern and added borders to get to 15.5".  I decided to quilt these two blocks using different quilting patterns.

The pillows aren't done just yet, because I have been super busy with other projects and personal things outside of quilting.  I took a tumble in driveway yesterday and I am feeling pretty beat up, so I took some quick, poor quality photos, but hopefully it illustrates how very different quilting can change the look and/or feel of a pattern.

The first one is quilted with Ginger Heart.  I sized it to be very tiny since I felt that was the size that best fit my vision for it.  I used super cheap muslin for the backing because it is going on the inside of the pillow.

The second I quilted with Compass.  I wanted this one to have a more modern feel and I liked the idea of speaking love and having a moral compass.  

Which do you prefer?

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  1. Both look good. My preference is the first because I always lean toward traditional and I think it softens the lines of the actual block. I guess there is no wrong decision--just the look you're after. Did you fall on ice/snow? Hope you're feeling better!