First Finishes of the Year

My first finish of this year is one of the pillow covers I shared a few weeks ago.  I finished the binding Monday night.  This will be sent to my mom.  The pattern I used is called I Heart You Quilt by Then Came June & Pen + Paper Patterns.  I made one block and added borders to get to my desired pillow size.  I quilted it with Ginger Heart by Apricot Moon.  I love the entire series of Ginger patterns.  They stitch out so nicely.

My second finish of the year is also my One Monthly Goal for this month.  {My goal was to take a pile of fabric and completely finish this quilt.} My small quilt guild sews memory quilts for a military base program.  Since there haven't been many deployments, the organization was not in need of our services, but said they would accept quilts for baskets that go to new parents.  Here is my contribution, completely constructed from stash.  
Years ago I was planning to make my daughter a skirt with the backing fabric.  This is a nice use of it.
The batting I used was a remnant left over from a previous project.  I quilted it with Kra-Zee Day-Zees by Crystal Smythe.  This is a design that came with my IntelliQuilter (it might be called something different within my program), but can also be purchased at Intelligent Quilting.  I used lavender thread for the quilting, but it ended up looking gray.  Purples can be so hard to match.  Also, don't you hate when this happens?  Two inches left to stitch.  Ugh.

I sewed a quilt top over the weekend as well.  The pattern is called Under the Sea by Sweet Jane Quilts.  It was published in her first book.  All fabrics were in my stash. Many of the blue fabrics are Cotton+Steel prints.  My daughter helped me with fabric layouts and pressing.  I'm hoping to quilt it soon.

Finally, a totally random share.  My daughter's college campus is closed until April.  She had her first biology lab this week at home.  She was supposed to test buoyancy of various  mixtures.  I had to laugh when I saw what she was using.

Have a nice week.

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  1. A very lucky family will receive your quilt. Beautiful colors. Love the repurposed lego heads into science. My nephew (12) tried a similar experiment using frozen cranberries (they float in pretty much everything).

  2. I love how they're still taking quilts for new parents on base--obviously military is close to my heart. I already know how much every single thing we do for them is so appreciated so I think it's great you're doing that. Gee, I don't remember every having legos in any of my labs... LOL

  3. Lovely! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!

  4. LOL, I love your daughters thought process, he definitely gets her creativity from you. Congrats on the lovely finishes. The patchwork quilt is adorable. I've been having email issues so I hope you received my recent reply and congrats on finishing PMG.

  5. Your Under The Sea quilt is so cute!! I love the color palette!

  6. All adorable projects. It is always good to quilt for a charity or military. You sure have been busy, that is a lot of work accomplished.