I haven't made much progress sewing-wise.  My time this past week has been filled with painting and paperwork and correspondence. 

I have two coats of paint on approximately half of the basement walls.  I was worried when I started painting because the paint looked peach.  This could be because my only lighting was a halogen work light, but it made me nervous.  The paint dried into a nice, boring beige, so I can live with it.  Some day when there's lighting installed I'll try to remember to share photos.

I have successfully filled out the FAFSA within the deadline.  My taxes are getting much closer to completion.

Now that the days are getting longer and sunnier, we are starting to generate a lot more solar energy again. The snow is melting and many of the trees have buds.  Soon I will need to clean out last year's debris from the flower beds. I don't enjoy that part, but I do enjoy the flowers.  Spring is my favorite.

I did start work on the outside borders of my For the Love of Geese quilt.  As you may recall, these are the fabrics I decided on.

I will need to make 40 units to complete the borders.  I have six done so far.  Here is a little photo progression from when I was working on them the other day.

I'll be busy quilting this week and will share when I can.  I'll have a wide variety of beauties to share eventually, including a hand-pieced antique quilt.  :)

Have a wonderful week, and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Very pretty blocks. I'm really looking forward to seeing the completed border.

  2. I love your fabrics for the Love of Geese quilt, and I am glad the paint color dried to a color you can live with! I'm also dying to see this antique hand piece top that you've been working on...

  3. Oh I don't know, peach walls may not have been too bad. Your quilt is going to be glorious, I cant wait to see it. The cleaning of last years debris is a breeze but I sure dislike weeding around the growing plants.It will be lily time soon, cant wait. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down :)