February OMG Complete

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?  I hope you had a nice day.  We don't do much, usually just get the kids some candy or small trinket of some sort.  This year, my husband and I painted the basement ceiling.  Isn't that romantic?  LOL

Last week I mentioned I was having a hard time choosing a wall paint.  I was poking around on the internet and  found a place called Samplize.  They sell 12 x 12 samples of actual paint on removable vinyl sheets. I ordered three samples I was considering and then threw in a fourth that was listed as a similar color using the $5 coupon I was offered during shopping.  The samples came pretty quickly, just a few days with free shipping, and it was very easy to choose which color we wanted.  

We don't have the lights wired in yet, so I used a work light to get this picture.  We were able to move the samples around to several locations in the basement to see how they looked in different lighting.

I'm not sure why my photos appear to have pink streaks on them. They didn't look like that when I uploaded them.

Can you tell which was my last-minute color addition?  If you guessed Oyster, you are correct.  It is a beautiful, soft pink color, but not what I want for a family room.

We went with Grandma's China.  The others looked greenish in the basement's limited natural light.  

If you are vacillating between several colors, I definitely recommend trying out Samplize.  They don't have every brand of paint, but they do seem to have every color in the brands they stock.  I would recommend narrowing down what you want using paint chips from the store since the fourth color I threw in was way, way off what I wanted. I am in no way affiliated with this company.  It came up multiple times in various decorating blogs I was looking at.  I had a good experience, so that is why I am mentioning it.

We have purchased our paint locally and I will be painting walls soon.  I'm glad this is the last of the painting that needs to be done in our house!

On to sewing. I am really early on finishing my OMG this month.  Usually I am still working on it at the last minute.  My goal was to finish sewing together all the flying geese pieces into wedges on my For the Love of Geese quilt.

Next I needed to address the outside borders.  I was originally planning to do them in the purple fabrics in the fabric line, Petal Party, I am using.  However, I did not have enough yardage and the line is out of print.  Apparently it was out of print when I bought it.  Ugh. I stewed about what to do for a few days and then realized I didn't have to use the purples.  I had enough yardage left from the left to do the outside borders in rainbow. This photo is really close to the actual colors of the fabrics.  In most of my pictures they turn out looking quite different.

I started working on the pieces this week. I'm excited to see it all come together.

My design wall looks so bare now that I have removed all the flying geese units from it.  I kinda miss them.  They were up there for months.  Can you see the next quilt I'll be working on?  It belongs to Sonja.  You can look at last week's post to see a glimpse of both the quilts.  I'll share photos after she has seen her quilts in person. :)

We have had so much snow lately, much more than we've had in recent years.  This first picture was taken at 5 pm Monday and the second was taken 24 hours later.  I think it's around 12 inches and we have more coming this week.

I found out something really surprising this past week. My daughter and I were watching the latest episode of Finding Your Roots on PBS.  One of the guests was actor Christopher Meloni.  I was so surprised when Henry Louis Gates mentioned an ancestor, Claude Mathias Phaneuf (Farnsworth) on Meloni's mother's line, because I have Claude Phaneuf in my family tree too!  I got in contact with my cousin, who has researched that line quite a bit. Mathias Farnsworth was kidnapped from his home in Massachusetts as a teen and taken to Quebec.  He was later renamed Claude Mathias Phaneuf and basically any Phaneufs/Fanefs/Fannaffs in Canada and the US descend from Claude Mathias. Weirdly, I also found a site that says Dr. Gates is somehow descended from him as well.  It's so easy to get sucked into endless genealogical research. Several of my lines dead end pretty quickly, but I have a few that are rather interesting.

Finally, I spend yesterday cleaning chocolate out of my dryer.  Can you believe that?  Someone left some chocolate candies in her pocket (as far as we can tell, because otherwise she had them in her bed 😲) and they got washed and then dried.  It took three of us to get all the chocolate cleaned out.  Amazingly, all the chocolate streaks came right out of the sheets when I rewashed them.  Anyway, that is not an experience I would recommend.  😐

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  1. Did I miss it--which color did you choose? Your flying geese quilt is looking stupendous!!

  2. Hi,
    Love the flying geese...so colorful and beautiful. We
    had 12 inches of snow this week and another 1 inch this
    morning. I'm ready for spring! Have a great day!

  3. I love that quilt. Congratulations on finishing your OMG early.

  4. Your flying geese are beautiful -- and what perfect colors to work with during a long, snowy, cold winter. Love your family story -- it amazes me that someone who was kidnapped could be identified later. Your cousin must be a really dedicated researcher!

  5. Well done on reaching your goal. Lovely work.

  6. Wow! Your quilt is beautiful. Chocolate in the dryer sounds as fun as a red crayon was! Glad it came out for you. That is a lot of snow in 24 hours. Pretty to look at though.

  7. Those geese wedges knocked my socks off! WOW!!

  8. This is so awesome! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

  9. oooo! For the Love of Geese is so stinkin' cool! I really love your fabrics for it.