Quilts & Blossoms

First off, I am super excited that I am getting my first COVID vaccine shot on Friday!  Funny to be excited by a shot, but I am.  That means it won't be too much longer before we are able to go home and visit family at long last.

I've not done any personal sewing since last week, but I have completed four quilts for clients. Sneak peeks:

My husband has been working on the wiring in the basement.  We haven't finished painting yet, but it's nice to see the part I did finish in the actual lighting.  I was still unsure of the wall color until I saw the lights on.  I like it now.

I don't have my first daffodil bloom yet, but we are close. (One of the neighbors' daffodils are blooming.)  Maybe this will open by the end of the day?  We are later this year; this one bloomed March 10 last year.

A lot of my daffodils are so close to blossoming.  The day lilies are starting to grow. The trees have very visible buds.  The grass is not really greening up.  We still have some winter birds here. But spring is on its way.

I leave you with yet another messy view of my sewing room. I was working on selecting threads; can you tell?

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  1. The quilts look beautiful. Some early daffodils and hyacinths blooming here but we're getting a cold spell now and will just barely hit freezing so I'm sure everything will slow down. Glad you are happy with the paint choice! Pic lighting is never the same but it looks nice to me!