Is Spring Here?

This past week has flown by!  I've been really busy with quilting, working every day for a few weeks, and decided Sunday to just stop and take a break.  The weather was beautiful.  I decided that we were going to clean out all the gardens and prep them for spring.  I wish I would have thought to take a before picture of the lower garden. We have a serious spearmint invasion.  One year we planted one of those 2" pots of spearmint and now it covers more than half of that garden.  If it stayed low, I wouldn't mind it.  However, it grows about 12" tall and has poky, sharp sticks.  I do not recommend planting this in your landscape.

Anyway, it was sunny and 45 degrees.  It felt quite pleasant.  We got all the gardens cleaned out, enjoyed seeing and hearing flocks of sandhill cranes flying far overhead, and I got sunburned!  Oops; wasn't expecting that!  Here are a few "after" photos I took last evening.  Everything looks so sparse right now.  I do need to buy a few things to fill in some bare spots.  Good thing I have all my little flamingos for some color. 😜

The daffodils are around 3" tall right now.  Many of the trees in our neighborhood are budded.  My allergies are going crazy. I'm thinking we're not too far off from planting peas and lettuce in the veggie garden.

Now, on to quilting.  I have finished the majority of the right border pieces for my For the Love of Geese quilt.  My March goal is to finish all the border pieces, though not necessarily sew them together, just get the units made.  So I'm about half way.

My Bonnie Hunter pieces have been neglected for months. I'll probably move on to this project once I'm done with the Geese.

Here are a few sneak peeks of quilts I've worked on since last week.

First, the antique quilt.  I quilted and bound this one and it went back home yesterday.

Next, quilted a panel quilt with Ba Da Bing.

Then the huge project--a king size quilt with a very tricky design--Pineapple Skin.  This was Sunday afternoon, Monday, and Tuesday's project. 

Next up is another Morewood quilt.

But first, I need to get everything tidied up in the house so we can have an appraisal done.  We are expanding our property soon.  I'm hoping to add some fruit and nut trees eventually, along with a workshop for my husband, who got his first COVID shot Friday through his work.  I don't qualify yet. 😞

I will leave you with a sunset view from last night's walk.  I like how I caught two contrails.  I told my daughter it would be really cool if they were comets instead of plane exhaust.  I hope you enjoy the view; I wish the photo reflected more accurately how spectactular it was.

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  1. It looks like the antique quilt came out great! You did a nice job with that Pineapple Skin panto, too. As for those things in your sky that may or may not have been contrails or comets, I'm choosing to believe that one of them is Peter Pan and the other one is Wendy. To Neverland! ;-)