April OMG Complete

As you may recall, my sewing machine was out for a cleaning for the past few weeks. I was using my daughter's machine for the past week and made some pretty good progress on my For the Love of Geese quilt.  I'm only one seam away from completing the top.  I didn't think I'd be able get to this point or else this project would have been my OMG for this month.  Side note: my beloved sewing machine came back home on Monday.

Meanwhile, I have finished my official April OMG ahead of schedule! This is my completed Morewood Mystery quilt.

The quilt pattern is by Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs. She has awarded the QAL prizes and I will be quilting for someone whose Morewood is their first quilt ever!  Isn't that fun? I can't wait.

Here are the other Morewood quilts I have quilted so far. This first one is Connie's.

This one is Odie's.
This one is Ann's.
And this one is Charlene's.
I love seeing all the different fabric choices.  There's a fun parade of finishes on Cheryl's blog.  Some people got really creative with the layout and that is even more interesting to me.

I will also be sponsoring a prize for
next year's mystery, which starts July 1.  Be sure to sign up (it's totally free).  I bet it's gonna be a good one.

I've also been quilting.  Here's a very small sneak peak of one that I completed.  I used the Sweep design.

It's hard to believe we are snow-covered this morning (see finished quilt pic above).  The tulips in my window well were starting to open up yesterday.

I tried a new recipe last night.  I totally recommend it.  It's chicken bacon vegetable alfredo.  I changed the directions slightly--I used my usual vegetable steaming method rather than the one set out in the directions.  We also decided to cut the chicken into smaller chunks instead of leaving them as fillets. Other tweaks we made were minor. Anyway, it was really easy, tasty, and picky eater (son) approved.

I'm taking my daughter to get her second vaccination tomorrow.  That will be 3/4 of us protected.  Can't wait til my son is eligible too.  Then we may finally be able to reunite with family.  It's been a long, long time. Keep wearing those pesky masks (I hate them, but I wear them to protect others), and get the shot when you are eligible.  

Finally, if you are a Blogger user, you are probably aware that they are discontinuing the Feedburner follow by email service.  Ugh.  If you get emails to notify you when I have posted, you won't soon (June/July).  I will also miss this as a reader, because I need those email notices to remind me to go visit. 

I am unsure what to offer as an alternative. Bonnie Hunter is going to use Bloglovin'.  I haven't had great experiences with that service as a reader of blogs, so I hesitate to offer it. I've heard of a few other services, but have zero experience with them.  If you know of something that functions like the Feedburner service, please comment or email.  I'm feeling a bit desperate.  Let's help each other stay connected.

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  1. Your For Love of Geese Quilt is amazing!

  2. Just wow, Anne-Marie!! I'm really looking forward to seeing what you will do with the quilting, too.

  3. It's an amazing quilt, can't wait to see how you quilt it up! Enjoyed seeing all the Mystery quilts. I've not participated in one of hers yet but I always follow along.
    Thought pretty seriously about this latest but just doing too many other things I guess. Not sure what to do about FeedBurner either. (I use Bloglovin' and don't mind it.) It seems like these things just work themselves out eventually.

  4. thanks for the quilt show! it's always fun to see the same quilt made with different fabrics!

  5. Ooh, congratulations, Anne Marie! Your Love of Geese is just magnificent! I can't wait to see how you'll quilt it!

  6. Wow - how pretty For the Love of Geese is! and all those morewood mysteries!! I love that you showed us all the various colorways!! Yours is beautiful!

  7. I'm with you on the need for an email of my favourite blogs in my inbox, and I have downloaded my email list, but like you have zero clue as to what to do from here, and zero confidence in bloglovin' as well. I love all those Morewood Mysteries you did as well as your own. For the customers, did you do a panto or fmq? They make me want to make one. I made two mysteries and enjoyed them both but with being an IB ambassador for 3 years, didn't do any so maybe this will be the year to sign back up again! I'm in her new book hop too, looking forward to that. Your flying geese quilt is fanTABulous! I need to get going on my OMG.... Thanks for linking up with TGIFF! Oh, we had snow too, 7" of the stuff and it wiped out my beautiful magnolia tree flowers which were at their peak. ugh.

  8. Wowsey, on your Love Geese quilt, Anne-Marie! It's so interesting seeing how you quilted each of the mystery quilts!!! What other services have you heard of for subscribing by email to blogger? I've only heard of the Bloglovin option. I had my DH try it on my blog and it didn't go so good--they wanted more info than he wanted to give out.

  9. First of all, your Love of Geese is sensational! I’m wigging out about Feedburner, too. Did not realize how many people were following my blog via that subscription service until I got the notice about it. I must have added that “follow by email” widget years ago and then forgotten all about it. We should put our heads together. I’ve been looking into a few things. I saw an article on Chimp Monkey or whatever — Mail Chimp; that’s it! Hah! ;-). Anyway, it did look like you might be able to automate an email via RSS feed from a new blog post with Mail Chimp the way that Feedburner does, but I need to do more research and compare options. Would love to compare notes with you regarding any other options you’re considering.

  10. Gorgeous! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

  11. I love all of the Morewood finishes, the quilting on each is fabulous! Thanks for linking up with the Favorite Finish Monthly Linkup!