What a Week!

This has been a rather eventful week.  We closed on our empty lot.  It's on the corner and is a bit larger than our existing property. It looks almost larger than life in the photos I took last night. A garage and lots of trees are in the plans.  I took the first picture standing at the corner looking back at our house.

This next picture was taken further around the corner near the lot line. I'm so pleased we'll be able to keep this as green space.

Last Friday I got my second COVID shot.  I spent Friday afternoon sleeping and felt a bit tired for a few days.  

You may recall that my sewing machine is out for cleaning.  I made it about a week and then broke out my daughter's Bernette (which is basically a rebranded Janome).  I have a custom cut out in my desk for my regular Bernina.  The Bernette, of course, does not fit.  My husband cut a scrap of wood for me to put under the Bernette and that raised it up enough that I could use her machine.  The arrow is pointing at the extra piece of wood.

I needed to repair a few face masks and it did okay, but struggled through the thicker layers.  I need to make a few more masks but will probably put it off until my Bernina is back. Then I pieced together my flying geese units and the Bernette worked much better for that.  Look at these beautiful rainbow pieces!

I've been busy quilting too.  Here are sneak peeks of a few of the projects I worked on in the last week.

This first one belongs to Pat and I quilted it with Augusta from My Creative Stitches.

The next one belongs to Joyce.  She wanted puppy paw prints on her puppy quilt.  I presented her with all the paw print designs I could find and she chose Paw Prints by Judy Vallely from Intelligent Quilting.  It stitched out effortlessly; recommend.

I'm half way done with my monthly goal, which is to bind my Morewood Mystery quilt. No photo because it's not very exciting yet.

A big surprise is that I managed to sew together all the borders for my For the Love of Geese quilt and attach one to one of the quadrants!  Maybe I'll be able to get the whole top together this month. That would be awesome!

I had a head-scratching moment while prepping my longarm for the next quilt.  I found a piece of thread hanging down in the bobbin area and was having trouble removing it.  I discovered that it was actually wrapped around the shaft behind the bobbin basket.  I have no idea how it got there.  It took a lot of time and effort, but I finally got all of it out.  This piece is about eight inches long and I had broken off several inches prior to removing the whole thing.  Weird.

Now for a few proud mom moments:  my daughter took her first solo car drive to her first in-person college class.  Milestones!  We were more nervous about the driving; she was more nervous about being in-person. She hasn't had an in-person class in more than a year.

And my son competed in his first and virtual Academic Quiz Bowl match and won the math portion.  He's always pretty laid back, but I could tell he was pleased.  They had technical difficulties, so what was supposed to take about two hours ended up closer to four.  He even got to eat dinner in his room.  I guess that was a novel experience.  ha.

We had a lot of rain during the last week, so I went to check the veggie garden on Monday.  The squirrels have attacked.  Hopefully some of the peas and lettuce will survive.

I guess that's about all I have this week.  I hope you have a marvelous week.


  1. Gosh - you had a great and very eventful week!! Congrats on the new place!! and Oh my gosh - that puppy quilt!! too cute - and your quilting is so cute on it!!

  2. Those border are my favorite part of the quilt and yours are beautiful. The fabric is perfect for it. The corner lot is very nice, I know you are pleased. Thank you for linking up.