Grassy Creek Progress

Hello!  I finally started working on this month's OMG.  I have completed 11 of 25 blocks so far.  Why 11?  Because that's how many available design boards I had.  😄 I've really lost steam on this project, but feel like since so many of the units are made, that I need to see it through.

I also completed the quilting on two more large (over 90 x 90) quilts for Ann.  I also attached all the bindings to the fronts of all three of her quilts and sent them back home.

This first one is being quilted with Bear, Moose, Pines.

This quilting design is called Sapphire.

I have this lovely donation quilt ready for quilting.  I hope this thing doesn't scare some poor child. 😳

That's about it on the sewing front.  I have also accompanied my children on multiple appointments/tasks, including getting my son his first vaccine!  One of us celebrated a birthday as well.

Oh, wait.  I forgot that I made this little pillow from an orphan block left from our guild donation quilt. This was Friday afternoon's project before I returned the quilt to guild on Friday night. I quilted it with Midnight Sparkle.

The only other thing I have to share right now is all these lovely irises and one of our clematis. They sure are spectacular this year.

My lower garden actually looks like I have a planned color scheme for once.
This is Siberian iris Caesar's Brother.

And this is my most favorite iris ever, Crater Lake Blue.  The blossoms are just ginormous!  And such a good color.

I hope you have a marvelous week.


  1. Wow! You have been productive! There are indeed some project we push our way through and then sigh with joy when we finish them! I so enjoyed my first visit (I think) to your blog!

  2. Our irises are amazing this year too! I lost steam on my OMG project too. =( I'm pretty sure I won't finish in time. Oh well. It will be my first OMG failure.

  3. What a great pillow!! and glad you are getting back to Grassy Creek - hope the mojo keeps going!