May OMG Complete

I have completed sewing all 25 green blocks for Grassy Creek.  

Do you have a block or unit you just don't really like making?  Mine is the quarter square hourglass units that feature in this block.  I can never get them just right. I tried to fix the worst of the intersections, but I have decided to "embrace the suck" as they say at my husband's workplace.

Anyway, I got these blocks done in time, so I am happy.  Next month's goal will probably be to add the next layer of pieces around these blocks, but we'll see how I feel next week.

I've done lots more quilting, including a few of my own projects in between clients' quilts.  Remember my odd quilt top from last week?  I quilted it using a tiny scale Unwind, which I thought was the perfect panto choice.  I think it looks kinda cute in a weird way.

I was intending to bind it yesterday, but discovered that my zig zag stitch has malfunctioned either during or after when I took it to be serviced, since it worked perfectly prior to servicing.  I'm not very happy about this, obviously.  I am planning to address it with the store I took it to for servicing later this morning.  Not ready to talk about it any further at the moment.  My range of emotions is like 😩😨😡🤬.  For the record, I NEVER swear out loud, but this brought me close.

I also quilted and bound one of the Sunshowers quilts I made last year during a quilt along.  This one is the baby size.  My family chose the Interlocking Rain Lines pattern for quilting this one and we selected purple Glide thread.  I'm now calling it Purple Rain.  

Additional quilting this week includes one for Sandy, quilted with Echo Blossoms.

And one for Sara, quilted with More Square Drama.

Other than that, the school year wraps up today for my son.  My daughter now has a part time job, her first, and will be taking a class this summer as well.

The Brood X cicadas have hit my part of Indiana.  I don't like them.  They are huge and leave gross shell carcasses everywhere.  I have found multiple shells hanging on my pear tree leaves, along with one live one.  They are also pretty loud, though that isn't super annoying to me.  It's just a weird sound. 

Also--my Bartlett pear has baby pears!  Most of them are up really high, and there's not that many, but it's more than there has ever been.  Maybe we will finally get to harvest some pears this year.  I don't know though, the first year we had the tree, we had a few that were similar in size, and then they disappeared.  Not sure what creature got them. There has been no fruit all the other years, and the Moonglow pear has never set fruit.

The veggies are coming along very slowly.  All the green beans have sprouted, as have the beets.  No cucumbers sprouted, so I will likely need to replant.  No chives came up; nothing new there.  We also planted more dill, but I don't see any coming up.  There are two dill plants that came up on their own.  The peas and lettuce are growing, but not well. The tomato and pepper plants we put in seem fine.  

We are also harvesting our strawberries for the first time.  I haven't gotten to try any yet, but my husband says they taste good.  There are a ton of unripe ones on the vines, so this is good.

Oh, I now have a robin nesting in the clematis near the back of the house.  I was watering the plants and it waited 'til I'd been standing there a while and then shot right out of the plant at me.  It does this every time we walk near there now. It flies out when you least expect it.

I guess that's about it.  I hope you have a marvelous week.  Follow me on Instagram @just_anne_marie to see lots of photos of my clients' beautiful quilts.

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  1. Grassy Creek is looking great!
    I let my dill come up volunteer every year--trim some, pull some and eventually let some go to seed for the following year. (I end up with way too much but when I pull a lot of it, the chickens love it.). We had a weird year last year where a lot of things just didn't come up so I had to replant. This year, it happened with a few bean plants but that was it. Not sure why that happens!

  2. Regarding your May OMG....I say finished is always better than perfect! And to tell the truth, I don’t see anything wrong with your quarter square hourglass units! The blocks are kind of “bitty”. I love the idea of Purple Rain and your other quilts are great too!

  3. Your green blocks are so ooh-la-la! I hope they get your sewing machine fixed quickly.

  4. I really really like sunshowers! Your panto was perfect for it!
    Now about that machine - fingers crossed it is an easy fix and you are all happy emojis!! I hate when things don't work my way!

  5. Your QST hourglass units look pretty good to me; what don't you like about them? HOORAY for the last day of school, right? My son's graduation is coming up on Tuesday and I am most excited about finally being able to unsubscribe from all of the school emails and dinnertime robocalls! Congrats on reaching your May OMG. I love the Purple Rain quilting on the rainbow quilt, too!

  6. Beautiful! Thanks for linkup up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

  7. Beautiful and I love your odd quilt. Hope the shop figured out what they did to your machine. Thank you for linking up last week.