A Week in the Life

I hadn't planned on doing any quilting last week since we were preparing for a weekend away. However, someone contacted me about quilting a baby quilt, so I did that Wednesday and returned it Thursday. It's quilted with Champagne Bubbles in lime green (Key Lime) Glide thread.

I also had to repair masks and make my son a few more since he is in Michigan with his grandparents this week. I spent forever on these and made many mistakes, probably because I felt rushed and didn't really want to do it in the first place.  I got these two all done, brought them to him to try on, and they were too small. Like the fabric barely covered his mouth. Ugh. I guess he's grown since I wrote down his measurements. These two went to my niece and nephews. Maybe they will fit them?

So I made three more. Guess what? These are a bit too big. 🙄 At this point, I am done. He can twist the elastic, I guess.

Friday night I had quilt guild. We did Christmas in July since we didn't meet in person most of last year. I've been running a block of the month program this year. I did two blocks this month since both my friend who is testing them and I have July birthdays. The July block is Wyoming Valley. This and Churn Dash are my favorites.

The bonus block is Rebel Patch. This one ended up much more challenging than I had expected.

Over the weekend we had our whirlwind trip to see my family (parents and sister & family). We haven't seen them in a year and a half. My son almost looks like a different person, so I'm sure that was odd to them. I was worried that my parents would look much older, but they didn't really. I did feel like their house seemed really small. I don't know why other than I haven't been much of anywhere other than my own house for so long. 

Not much along the route had changed much, but I did notice that almost every billboard in Michigan was advertising either gambling or marijuana, mostly marijuana.  Bleh. Didn't care for that change.

Anyway, we enjoyed our visit. I even got to see my aunts, uncle, half of my cousins, and a few of their kids. Everyone except the small kids are vaccinated.

My son got to stay and will split his time between my parents and my in-laws. My daughter had to come back home for class and work. It was really odd to leave one child behind, and the one that had to come home was not very happy. We'll be home for just over three days before heading back to the in-laws' to visit and retrieve my son.

I am still working on a secret project. I'll be able to show it in a few weeks (assuming I'm able to finish in time).

I also added borders to a panel for a donation quilt. It looked better in my head than in reality. Oh well. I got it quilted while working on the secret project. Just needs a binding now. The quilting pattern is one that came with my IntelliQuilter.

Our living room is getting slightly closer to completion. My husband built these cabinets. Looks like I took this picture before he was done adding crown molding. His dad is making the doors, so we will hopefully bring those back home with us after this next weekend. 

We still need to do a lot of cleaning up (the husband is not the tidiest worker), more wall painting, some electrical, all the trim installation and painting, and try to figure out carpet. It will be so nice when this is finally done. At that point we will probably need to start redoing things for maintenance. How fun. Not. This is the longest we've ever lived in one place.

I guess that's about it for this week. I really need to get out into the vegetable garden to weed and check on things. 

I'll leave you with this, courtesy of my daughter:

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  1. Ugh -- I feel your pain with those masks! If you'll be making any more of them, consider getting some of these adjustable ear bands from Amazon. Inexpensive and no more struggling to custom fit each wearer. Enjoy your trip! https://www.amazon.com/Pieces-Elastic-Adjustable-Buckle-Earloop/dp/B08HH6L6NB/ref=sr_1_7?dchild=1&keywords=adjustable+elastic+for+masks&qid=1626353027&sr=8-7.

  2. Hi Anne Marie... nice blog and cute dino... a mascot! I need a mascot! Maybe a flamingo... LeeAnna

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your post today. First let me say how much I love the unicorn quilt and how kind that was of you to quilt the last minute baby quilt. Isn't it funny how sometimes we just don't care when we want to do something, aka mask making. The first few were fun. So glad you were able to go for a long overdue visit and I love the cabinet. I could write a post about everything I loved that you shared. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down. Hoping to not be absent for much longer.