New Projects

My summer quilt-along projects are ready! 

First up are my fabric choices for the Macaron Mystery by Meadow Mist Designs. I shopped my stash, looked at the preview, and only needed to add one background, the backing, and a solid (since I cut the piece I was planning to use--oops).  The birds are going to be the backing and I'm planning to use them in the top too. It's not too late to join in--July is for choosing fabrics, August is for cutting, and the actual sewing doesn't start until September. The pace is very laid back and easy to keep up with.

Next up is the #Trending quilt by John at Art East Quilting. This is a mystery quilt that starts in September. The only block I have any idea on right now is the sloth. I ordered the kit from him and it came all the way from Nova Scotia!

I haven't started on my little koala block OMG yet. I've made a small amount of progress on my secret sewing project. I'm hoping to knock out a lot of my secret project this week.

I've worked on several quilts and had to spend a good bit of time on mask repair. The metal nosepieces I sewed in kept breaking, so I decided to make a pocket instead so that we can easily slide the metal piece out, either for washing or to replace. Even though my family is fully vaccinated, I do not feel safe walking around unmasked indoors, particularly when only 42% of eligible Hoosiers are vaccinated, yet only maybe 5% of people in stores are wearing a mask. Sheesh, have some care for your fellow citizens, people. Some of us have high-risk family members we'd like to visit without inadvertently bringing along cooties. And others of us have kids who are not yet eligible for shots. It hurts my heart that so many people care more about their personal "freedom" than about their fellow citizens. 😞

Anyway, I worked on some really cool projects this past week.

This is Charlene's baby quilt made with Tula Pink fabrics and quilted with Sweet Marmalade. I did not want to give this back.

Next is Janice's Bonnie Hunter Garden Party. This one had so many fun little snippets of fabric. I quilted it with In the Swirls.

And this t-shirt quilt belongs to Devon. I quilted it with Diagonal Plaid.

Not a whole lot is happening around here besides this. We had a break in the weather, so we dealt with spearmint removal in the lower garden again. Maybe in five years or so we'll have it all permanently removed. ha.

We will finally be visiting family this weekend after a long, 18-month absence.

Until next week...

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