Flower Patch SAL Blocks 8 & 9

Edited: Okay, it's not time to link up. That's next week. 🤦🏻‍♀️

It's time to link up blocks 8 and 9 in Denise's Flower Patch SAL. I did some late night sewing to finish these in time and was reminded why I should never sew after about 5 pm. I spent a lot of time with my seam ripper because I kept sewing the geese on the wrong sides or going the wrong direction. 😔

I have all the units made for the Macaron Mystery.

I'm contemplating starting a new block of the week with fabrics I already had in the stash since several of my BOM projects are just about finished.

I have my first finish for the year, but I can't show it yet, so enjoy this picture of the back of the quilt! I am proud of myself because I learned how to edit an existing digital design. I cut out some of the eight pointed stars, drew some four pointed stars, and added them in to the design.

I have not yet begun to assemble my Grassy Creek top, which is my OMG for the month. I feel good about my progress on the rest of the stuff though.

I've been super busy with quilting too, trying to catch up. I finished off Kathy's felted wool quilt.

Here's Sara's quilt, being quilted with Honey Hexagons.

Haley's Little Miss Sawtooth quilt, quilted with New Moon Loops. I also made the binding and attached it to the front of this quilt.

Next up was Beth's quilt, quilted with Baptist Diamonds Curved.

I've started quilting one of Elle's quilts. This is a king sized quilt and it will be a two-day stitch out.

My lettuce in my hydroponic garden is growing, mostly. One hasn't sprouted. I'll probably give it a few more days and then put a lettuce seed in there to see if I can get something growing.

Oh, and Keanu Reeves wants to send me an Instagram message. NOT. LOL.

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  1. What? You're not gonna answer Keenu??? LOL. Nice to see the lettuce growing already! Looking forward to seeing the full pic of the first finish--nice!

  2. Lol, he is following me twice and slap me as silly but I blocked him. That is so frustrating to keep sewing pieces wrong over and over. That's right up there with not answering Keanu. Thank you for linking up and sewing along.

  3. Looks like it is working now. Thank you so much. Did I mention I love the green stems?