January OMG

Happy New Year!

Not a ton of sewing has been going on. I have completed sewing the quilt I've been testing, but I can't share it yet.

I was able to sew this month's #Trending block, the owl. It is attached to some of the bees from December. I can't believe I'm up to date on this one!

Last night I was a speaker at the large guild I belong to. I am a terrible public speaker.  The meeting got switched to Zoom due to Covid, so I thought speaking over Zoom using a slide show would be easier. It wasn't! Once I shared my screen, my mouse no longer worked and I couldn't remove the people from the sidebar. They covered all the text on my slides! Eeek! I made it through and I am glad that commitment is complete. And hopefully I addressed my assigned topic of machine quilting without sounding like an advertisement--I was trying really hard have general information and not just have it all about my business.

My goal for this month is to piece together at least 1/4 of the Grassy Creek units that are hanging on my design wall. Here is a lovely picture of my long arm that I used in last night's speech with the Grassy Creek units hanging on the design wall in the background.

Today I will be spending the entire day at college orientation with my daughter. It's going to be freezing out and the orientation information says we will be doing a good amount of walking. I'm guessing that's a campus tour outside. Brrrr. Hope I don't freeze to death. But shivering burns calories, right? And the mask will keep my face warmer. Looking for the upside. :)

Want to view my sewing room? I'm going to be on the Quilted Joy Clubhouse today at 1 pm eastern! I hope I don't look like a complete fool. 😅 I'll have to watch the replay.

Until next week--

Stay safe out there! 😷

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  1. Congratulations for getting through the talk. Best of luck with your goals.

  2. I love your space,so functional and white. And your amazing closet! Mine room is a wreck right now, hope to get it cleaned this weekend. Love the owl and bees. Where are you getting the patterns for the trending quilt? That looks like something I should be making.