July OMG

It's time to pick a goal for July. As always, so many options--a blessing and a curse, perhaps?

  • Finish SCQG BOM--still need to do the sashing and borders, but did order thread for quilting
  • Assemble Tall Tales blocks into a top--more below 
  • Create a pieced backing for Tall Tales
  • Grassy Creek border
  • Bind Flower Patch SAL
  • Finish binding Macaron Mystery--I'm half way, so this seems too easy of a goal
  • Make last two blocks for #Trending quilt/assemble top
  • Quilt apple quilt--custom
  • Finish blue & white plus quilt top--see below
  • Make two sets of napkins
  • Choose fabric for Meadow Mist's Melodic Mystery quilt--starts Thursday!!
My official goal is to assemble the Tall Tales blocks into a top. Here are all of the blocks I had completed as of last week.

More on the Tall Tales below. Hopefully I can get more than one thing crossed off this list, though I will be away from my sewing room for over a week in July due to APQS maintenance class and carpet install/redo part three.

This past week just didn't go as planned at all. The new furniture was delivered Friday, but as they unwrapped the couch, we noticed that two of the legs were damaged, so they took it back. Since the downstairs carpet isn't done, part of the old furniture is still upstairs since we're out of storage room downstairs. The new, repaired couch was redelivered yesterday. None of that is particularly bad, just weird. 

One of our neighbors puts on a huge fireworks show every year--we're talking pallets of explosives and at least 20 minutes non-stop. We talked about going over to the neighbors' driveway to watch it even though I was totally conflicted (I have a hard time with the noise and environmental concerns of fireworks in general, we are very dry outside, and I am not in any sort of celebratory mood). In the end, I developed a horrible headache and went to sleep while it was still light out. My family apparently did go watch. My daughter showed me videos and I have no idea how I slept through it. It was their biggest, probably loudest, display ever. And other neighbors were also shooting off fireworks too. Seriously, I never even heard any of it. I enjoyed my 10 hours of sleep that night. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Somehow I managed to get only three quilts quilted over the past week. I ran into issues--I had to order thread for Charlene's because our original combo didn't work out, so it was loaded and unloaded from the frame a few times. It looks perfect now. Quilted with Calder.

Keetah's quilt went off without a hitch. Quilted with Overlapping Crop Circles.

Then I found out that my Hobbs king batting is not actually 120" wide, but only 115". This photo shows, L - R, my standard roll of Hobbs, the king Hobbs, and the king Quilter's Dream Blend. {Note that Hobbs' response so far is to turn the roll of batting upside down so that it can stretch out. 🤔 I will do as they asked, but 🤔.

I had to ask Janice to pick different batting since my Hobbs wasn't big enough. 🫤 Her huge, beautiful Rhododendron Trail quilt took two days to complete.  Quilted with Van Gogh.

Meanwhile, I was wracked with indecision on my Tall Tales quilt. I thought I'd made all but two blocks I needed for it by the end of last week. I was working out the math to make sure I had enough background fabric remaining to make the sashing. We started tossing around different layouts and discussing the size of each, and in the end decided that I need to make two more large blocks, 12 regular, and the two custom blocks. I made 10 blocks from last Wednesday to today. That leaves six regular blocks and two custom blocks to make before I can start all the sashing.

While I was waffling about it, I pulled out my blue and white plus top and sewed another few rows. Sometimes you just need some brainless sewing. My outfit even matched my project!

Switching over to garden news, I've still been harvesting a few green beans and a very few peas every few days. I think I've harvested all the lettuce that is currently available. We are in the middle of a heat wave/drought, so the plants are struggling. I do have three little zucchinis growing and one of the cucumber plants has blossoms. Did you know that green beans stick to your shirt? Modeled by my son. Please excuse my recycling bin in the background.

I harvested most of the basil from the indoor garden. I made pesto with it, which was much easier than I expected. I'd use either more basil or a bit less olive oil next time. I was unsure how to measure the basil--should I compact it or stack it loosely in the measuring cup? Some of the leaves were almost as big as my hand. When I planted the current group of pods, I was unsure if I even wanted to grow herbs, but at least now I have a use for basil.

I've been watching chipmunk(s) running around my retaining wall and my front porch with walnuts in their mouths. Guess I know who to blame for all the walnuts growing in my foundation plantings. Sorry I blamed you, squirrels. The hostas in my sewing room window well garden were full of pretty blooms until yesterday. I'm not sure what creature to blame that on. Deer, rabbit, chipmunk? That particular garden usually gets left alone. Sigh.

Here's to a productive week, and if we could get some rain and some relief from the heat, I'd be ever so appreciative.

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  1. Your storybook quilt is really going to be cute!

  2. Oh man -- that "king" batting looks SUPER skimpy in width next to Quilters Dream! The only Hobbs batting I order by the roll is their 108" wide 80/20 in Black. I can't believe they told you to just put it upside down and hope it stretches. If you tug on that batting width-wise, is there any give? It almost makes me wonder if the whole batting roll shrunk in transit to you, inside the back of a blistering hot truck?