More Tall Tales

Woo! Indeed, woo hoo! All 70 of my Tall Tales blocks are ready to be sewn into a quilt top. I might just be able to get the whole top done this month. Here are all my cute little blocks.

I got four quilts quilted this week.

This baby quilt for Jess, including full binding.

Three quilts for Susan. This one is quilted with Beleaf it or Not.

Mike's Swoosh.
And Persephone 3. This one took me two days.
I made time to go out into the garden and harvested some green beans and a zucchini and a couple peas.

Then I went out again a few days later and got a few more peas, more green beans, and a cucumber. 

There are also a few more coolapenos, but I left those on the plant for now since I wasn't ready to use them yet.

We watched a bee pollinating all the cucumber flowers. There are lots and lots of baby cucumbers, so hopefully I'll be making more freezer pickles soon. And then some relish later on if there are enough. 

We were out on our nightly walk the other day and saw a beautiful rainbow. Then it started sprinkling even though it was sunny overhead. I didn't have my phone with me, but my husband got this shot of the full arc. This is one instance where it was so much better in real life than in his photo. I'm kind of laughing at whatever he did to get this photo because it looks like our construction outhouse is leaning.

There was also a secondary rainbow, which you can see a bit better if I turn down the light on the photo.

I'm hoping to be back next week with a completed top and almost completed basement carpeting. 😬

PS--did you get my Animal Crossing reference? It's a bit obscure.

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  1. I can see how the tall tales would be time-consuming but they had to be so fun to sew overall! Lots of beautiful quilting as always! So anxious for you to have your basement carpet issue completed finally! It's been a much longer road than it should have! Almost there!