September OMG

For September's OMG I thought I would revisit August's list of possibilities. I've updated the list with the progress I made over the last month.

1. Make a backing for Tall Tales quilt. I'm planning to use my existing fabric and piece a backing. Possibly quilt and bind. --no progress

2. Bind Flower Patch SAL.--currently working on hand stitching it down 

3. Bind the pink and green baby quilt I re-did.--will be doing this as a guild demo in September

4. Assemble the top for my guild BOM.--done, now need to quilt, but haven't decided on E2E or custom {You can see the finished top in last week's post.}

5. Finish piecing Chalk. Possibly quilt.--a few rows assembled

6. Grassy Creek border.--no progress

7. Quilt & bind Gemstone test quilt.--done! {see below}

8. Add border and quilt the art quilt.--no progress {Side note: these are the only things currently on the design wall. It's kinda weird having the rest of it empty.}

9. Finish last two blocks from #Trending quilt.--no progress

While I will keep chipping away at the list this month, I am choosing to make the last two blocks from #Trending and finish assembling the top as this month's official goal. These blocks have so many little pieces and they take quite a while to sew.

Here are the currently finished blocks, in no particular order.

I do not have a backing for this quilt, and the leftovers aren't a good option. So I can maybe do a bit of shopping! I'll probably do an edge to edge on this one. I love the sloth block and am kind of indifferent to the rest, so I don't want to spend a lot of time on finishing it.

One more thing on my to-do list is to continue to work on the Melodic Mystery quilt. August's task was cutting, which I'm almost done with; I just have the background fabric remaining. September's clue should come out tomorrow. The great thing about the Meadow Mist mysteries is that they are really easy to keep up with, or catch up on, whichever suits you. 😀 If you're new to reading my blog or don't remember, I am making the quilt top entirely from stash/leftovers from previous projects. Always a great thing! 

As noted above, I finished my Gemstones quilt. This was a pattern test I did for Yellow Umbrella Quilts. I am planning to donate this one to our local community quilts program.  Can you tell the leaves are changing? 

I used up the trimmings from the front for the back. It's pretty difficult to perfectly center a pieced backing though I'm usually fairly close. For this one, I wanted the panel to be centered side to side but not top to bottom. Well, I hit one of those goals. I'm not sure how, but I was quite off on the side-to-side bit. 😅 The white fabric is white with orange polka dots.

Here are the quilts I did this week:

Deb's cute, hand pieced (!!!) half-hexie quilt, quilted with Primrose Stipple.

Robin's Adventureland, quilted with Alfalfa. I'm digging the bigger quilting scale. I usually go more for the smaller, more dense, but I really like this.

Robin's Minnesota BOM quilt, quilted with Peas in My Garden.

Amber's baby quilt, quilted with loopy meander.

I had a friend visit while I was quilting this. Unlike the deer, this one is welcome.

Amber's HST quilt, also quilted with loopy meander.

Sara's rainbow nine-patch, quilted with Sunrise Skateland. She made this from her scraps!

Linda's IU quilt, quilted with stipple.

I have apparently been really busy! I'm not planning to be this busy over the next week.

Oh, and the silkie chicken picture this week. They have grown a ton and are really crowded right now. My husband is still working on his chicken coop. They are almost ready to move out into it--we will probably move them as soon as he finishes since they will be over six weeks then and it's plenty warm enough out for them. We know we have two partridge coloration and obviously one white. We aren't sure what the darker two are. We are still wondering if they are hens or roosters. We're worried that two are roosters.

They all have little mohawks right now. And yes, the box is a mess. They shredded all the newspaper yesterday and the one behind the white one was carrying around a big chunk of it. I took this photo right before my daughter cleaned it up. They are pretty fun to watch, but they are starting to smell like chickens, not from the poop, but like a definite chicken smell.

I've been reading the Fresh Eggs Daily blog and book and tried giving them some fresh herbs from the garden like she recommended, but they were not interested. I'll try again soon.


  1. I always enjoy seeing what quilting you've been doing, Anne-Marie! That white chick is adorbs!!!

  2. As always, so much quilting completed! Good luck on your September goal. Very strange the chicks aren't interested in the herbs!! Have you chopped them up small? Given them some dirt to "bathe" in? Silly chicks.

  3. You are a busy lady. Everything looks great!