Secret Sewing

I have a finish! And I can't share it yet! I can share that I used all my trimmings to make a quilt backing for it. I was also able to use the remaining cutoffs from my Gemstones quilt backing to finish making this backing. And bonus, I had a batting remnant that was the exact size I needed. And I used a bunch of a random binding I found in my scrap bins. {Though I keep wondering what this binding was for. Did I have it set aside for a project? 🤔 Too late now!} Here is the back. I quilted it with Paradoxical.

I still haven't gotten to start on my blocks for September's OMG. I have nine more days to try to pull it off. Wow, this month has flown by.

By the way, I call this photo quilting in middle age. ha. I'm excited that my flexible magnifier can clamp onto my cutting table.

I have completed plenty of quilts for others. Here they are.

First, I finished Amber's quilt that I had started last week.

Next is Barbara's cute Heather Ross quilt, quilted with Loop the Loop.

Next is Keetah's, quilted with Winterfest.

Then I quilted Carol's quilt with Basic Swirl.

Then Sara's, quilted with Stipple. Stipple has been so popular this year!

And Haley's, quilted with Good Vibrations.

That is a lot of quilts! Way more than I thought. I didn't even work at all on Saturday or Sunday. 

If you need something quilted, my wait time right now is the shortest it's been all year, at just a few weeks.

I'm still trying to get used to the camera on my new phone. My son has shown me a few things, but I'm sure I have plenty more to learn. I also don't have a case yet since the case Amazon sent as my replacement was the wrong case. 🙄 I ordered one directly from the company and it is taking forever to arrive. Maybe by the end of the week? It's still in California. Boo.

Oh, something exciting is my husband was able to switch out the slider in the basement. No picture because it isn't that exciting. It still needs to be trimmed on the inside, but that is one of the last major indoor projects we have left. The other is putting custom closet organizers into our master closet using IKEA pieces as a base, but part of what we need has been out of stock since April, when we first started planning this project.

I have not worked in the garden at all, though I did harvest and dry the remaining herbs from the Aerogarden. I then did a deep clean on it and planted my own lettuce seeds. Hopefully they will sprout. This is the first time I've tried growing my own seeds in it; both the other crops were grown using their pre-planted growing pods.

The chickens continue to grow and entertain us.  This shows all five chicks. I think they are eight or nine weeks old now?

This guy is a rooster for sure. Can you see his wattles? The blue spot is his earlobe.
I think I took almost this exact same picture of the white chicken last week. It likes to grab blades of grass my daughter holds through the fencing. This one is the only one that has tufts of feathers on its cheeks.
I never really considered before just how much chickens peck. My husband had put pink foam insulation in the coop walls but hadn't covered it. Well....
They are little peckers for sure! LOL Now there is no insulation in the coop. I've also decided that they are toddlers after watching my daughter trying to catch the last one that needed to go into the coop for the night. After she finally caught it, she opened the hatch door to put it in and the other four almost fell out. They'd all been huddled up against the door. 

I need to get to work. Have a wonderful week, and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Paradoxical looks great on your secret sewing quilt. The back looks so good that I would have thought it was the front! Interesting that you've been getting a lot of requests for Stipple quilting lately -- I chose a similar design for my sampler quilt even though I've been hearing the FMQ teachers trash-talk "meandering" for years. I get that it was an overused quilting design for many years when it was the only design many domestic machine quilters felt confident executing, but it really is the perfect design for the right quilt! Thanks for sharing about the chickens, too. I love enjoying farm life vicariously through your family!