Those Flying Geese Again

My last week got a little off track due to multiple appointments that took longer than expected. I ended up having to quilt all weekend to try to make up for it. I'm almost caught up with people's quilts though I haven't made much progress on the things I need to get done for myself. Soon, I hope.

Last week I showed my poor results when trying a different method for flying geese. This week I went back to the normal way of doing things. I did mark all the diagonal lines and tried to really concentrate on sewing scant seams. My units look much better, though a few are not quite perfect. I think they are close enough that I will be able to get a decent result.

I still would rather go slightly oversized and trim to make them exactly perfect though!

I also cut out a test quilt using the fabrics I bought using the gift card I won during the Tall Tales QAL. I found this giant amount of navy quilt binding in my scrap bins. No idea what it might have been destined for, or if I just really overestimated how much binding I needed at some point in time. Anyway, it seems like a decent enough match to use on this project.

Friday night I demonstrated how to bind a quilt using an invisible join at one of the guilds I belong to. I was able to stitch down the binding over the weekend and now I have a finished baby quilt after like 16 years!

You might remember that I ripped out all the original quilting I'd done years ago this past winter. It was so ugly. LOL. I've come a long ways. Enjoy this blast from the past. 😆

I haven't started my OMG yet. 🫣

I finished a few quilts over the past week. They've all been very large.

First is Connie's, quilted with A Fishy Tail. The center of the star blocks are her granddaughter's artwork. Isn't that so cool?! I also fully bound this one.

Next is Ashley's amazing Halloween quilt. I am mostly indifferent toward Halloween, but this quilt is really great. Quilted with Cobwebs over two days (king size quilt with tricky pattern). I also sewed the binding to one side before sending it back home.

Amber's quilt, quilted with Ginger Hearts. The thread is actually light gold (Glide Sand) though it's showing up almost white here.

A similar one in blue is partially quilted and I'm planning to finish it up later today and hopefully sneak in one more to be back on track. I'm thankful Amber is so patient with me. Again, thread is weird. I'm using Tar Heel Blue, not white!

Over in the home and garden, the chicken coop is finished and the chickens moved outside Friday night. The nesting box will be added to the back eventually.

We moved the coop further out into the yard this week.

The chicks have grown so much. We have discovered that they really love clover. Good thing we have ample clover in our yard. Right now we think we have one rooster and four hens. The rooster is the black one with the very white neck in the foreground of this picture.

I got a new phone over the weekend since my son's phone quit working. He inherited my old one and I got a nice upgrade (that is smarter than me, I think). I'm currently without a case since I ordered what I wanted on Amazon and received a used, damaged, not what I ordered case in the box for what I did order. 😒 People really stink sometimes. So I'm waiting somewhat patiently for a replacement. At least I have a screen protector and I'm not going anywhere most of the week, but I'll still feel better once I have a case.

Anyway, the point of this is that this phone has a fancy camera that I played with briefly last night. The new phone has a macro mode. The zinnias are the only things that look okayish in our flower gardens right now.

Have a great week!

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  1. You really did have a busy week!! Love all those quilts you worked on!! and yay for the new phone - its always fun to learn more!