Is That All I Did?

Looking at my pictures for the last week, all I have to say is that I thought I did a lot more than I did.

I did have two days that were devoted to the guild's market sale, so maybe that's it.

I also had a board meeting for the other guild I belong to and already completed typing the minutes, only one day after the meeting. It may be a record!!

The quilts I completed this week are:

Two for Sonja, each quilted with Frost. It's fun seeing fabrics I recognize from her past projects show up in current projects.

One for Amber, quilted with Ginger Heart.

And one for Trish, quilted with Soho. It's hard to tell here, but the thread is mint green.

I've lost track of how many more I have to do. I think six, but maybe there are more. Sometimes there are surprises. Soon it will be my turn in the queue.

I thought I'd get a lot more personal sewing done, but I didn't. I cut out a quilt. This one has a deadline. Also, I really dislike layer cakes. That is all.

I started working on the flying geese units that are this month's clue for the Melodic Mystery from Meadow Mist Designs.

I have not started working on this month's OMG, which is to make all the string pieced border units for my Grassy Creek mystery. I have a week left. Will it happen? Who even knows at this point! 😆 I am having some difficulties focusing, but I feel pretty relaxed. I really need to clean up my sewing room. There is stuff everywhere, which is not my usual.

My AeroGarden herbs are ready to harvest. The Thai basil is the huge one this go around. It did not sprout in the first one. Chives are not the thing to grow here. I think you'd have to plant a big clump to have enough to harvest. I put three seeds in each pod this time and there is like one or two strands growing in each. 

We have a very large, low clump of dill growing in one of the outside tanks. We thought it was a weed at first because it didn't smell like dill, but it does now. The chickens love it. They also like finely diced broccoli stems. We caught the white rooster mounting one of the hens last night. 😟 They are approximately four months old right now. The rooster(s) are crowing pretty much every morning. I can't tell if it's one or both of them. Most of the time it's not super loud and it lasts up to five minutes. At least it's around 7:30 and not the crack of dawn. The white one is establishing himself as the leader, but he's also kind of a bully now. We will have to continue to monitor these situations, not that I have any idea at all of what to do.

My younger child got his learner's permit yesterday. 

I hope you have a nice holiday.

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  1. Your roosters are in the teenage boy stage, enough said! Hope you get some time to relax, it sounds to me that you've got a lot accomplished.