QAL Progress

I've made pretty good progress this week. Last week I had only made a few blocks of the Board & Batten quilt even though I should have been working on the second half of the blocks by then. I now have 3/4 of the rows fully sewn. This week's task is to assemble the top. I need to finish sewing row four and then it's just three more seams to have a completed top!

This week's task in the Loves Me, Loves Me Not QAL is to make four Wedding Ring blocks. I have one complete and I really like it. I'm using Riley Blake Blossoms for the white fabric. It's really floppy. Not sure why--I've used lots of other Blossoms fabric that wasn't like that. Weird.

I have two rows assembled on the Melodic Mystery, but that is taking the lowest priority of the three projects for me right now.

I still need to do the bindings on my three quilts for my OMG. My plan right now is to do that this coming weekend.

I have not yet sewn on the hanging sleeves or labels for the quilts I entered in the show. I have two weeks left to get that done. 

Of course I've been busy quilting for others too.

This one belongs to Linda. It's quilted with In the Swirls.

Next is a baby quilt for Jess. I selected Stardust for the quilting.

Melissa picked In the Swirls for her quilt too.

And here's Haley's, quilted with Triplet.

The weather's been decent the last few days--well, except part of yesterday when it rained. Monday the trees we ordered back in October finally got installed. I hope they grow fast and block the view of the house they built behind/to the side of us. Since they removed all the trees from their lot, it is a wide open view into our yard and our bedroom. πŸ˜’ Obviously I disapprove of their actions. You can see their porch in this picture. It was muddy and I didn't want to walk over to get a better picture. The trees look kinda stubby. They are all between 5 - 6 feet tall, but pretty bottom heavy.

We planted the one in the lower right last spring. 

Signs of spring are showing up. Can you see the daffodils and day lilies poking through?

I tried hard to get some new pictures of the chickens. My daughter wasn't home to help, so here is what I got. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

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  1. Love the stardust and the swirls!!! Daffodils already?!!! Fab!!!

  2. The chickens are so cute! Good progress on your QALs. I chose one QAL and I'm already behind. LOL (Somehow just not so motivated.). Looking forward to having those steady LA jobs. I may have asked before but how many, on ave, do you do a week?

  3. Terrific progress on your QAL projects! The LA quilting patterns sure compliment the tops well. --TerryK@OnGoingProjects

  4. Your Board and Batting is coming together beautifully and I do love your Wedding Ring block, too. Isn’t it funny how there can be SO much variety in the feel and the hand and the thickness of fabrics that are all “quilt shop cottons?”